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After enjoying the grand occasion of Italian humanities and arts, the Grammy family came to another country, which is known as the "Kingdom of fairy tales", and the beautiful scenery like fairyland is also intoxicating. It is Switzerland

after enjoying the grand occasion of Italian humanities and art, the Grammy wallpaper family came to another country, which is called the "Kingdom of fairy tales", and the beautiful scenery like fairyland is also intoxicating. It is Switzerland

as soon as they entered Switzerland, the Grammy family saw the holy snow mountain through the window and observed the scene of slowly flowing snow. This shows the special climate of Switzerland, which is much colder than that of ordinary countries in summer. The first stop is Lucerne, a famous historical and cultural city in Switzerland. Lucerne is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the Alps, the longest mountain range in Europe, is adjacent to Lucerne. The Grammy family watched the towering Alps from a distance and decided to make a worthwhile trip to experience its grandeur in person. They took a small train to climb the Alps. When they reached the top of the mountain, they looked down at the beautiful scenery below, and their pride came naturally

after going down the mountain, the Grammy family found that the mountain was shrouded in clouds, and there was a feeling of "not knowing the true face of Mount Lu". Then, the Grammy family took a cruise on the rippling lake of lucerne to the urban area of Lucerne. Medieval buildings and Lake Lucerne set off each other, and the poetic and picturesque scene makes people fall in love with it. The Grammy family were in a happy mood during their leisurely tour

when approaching the urban area of lucerne, the Grammy family first visited the spiritual symbol of Lucerne - Capel bridge. Capel bridge is also the oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe. Hundreds of religious and historical oil paintings are painted on the eyebrows of the bridge, which can trace historical traces. There is an octagonal water tower in the center of the bridge, which used to be the place where trophies and jewelry were placed during war. Walking on the Capel bridge, you can experience the romantic feelings of medieval times

not far from Capel bridge is the golden area of Russell Swan square. Elegant swans and lovely wild ducks freely cruise and play on the lake beside the square, making people feel pity. Swan square displays many Swiss jewelry and watch brand stores, which are relatively prosperous and reflect the cultural characteristics of Switzerland

to the west of Swan square is the city hall of Lucerne. The city hall of Lucerne is a Renaissance building with murals of that era style, which is majestic and spectacular. Around the city hall are buildings of the same style or Baroque architecture, including churches, towers, etc. some buildings are decorated with bright colors, which fully show the beauty, harmony and vitality of the middle ages. Grammy families wander around the buildings, enjoying the leisurely atmosphere of Basel city and yearning for it

After that, the Grammy family visited the lion monument in Lucerne. The lion statue is to commemorate the French Revolution in Paris to defend the French King Louis XVI and Mary Carved by 786 Swiss mercenaries who sacrificed all their lives to Queen antoninette, it symbolizes the heroism of the soldiers who are desperate to die, and also expresses a desire to pray for world peace. The expression of pain on the lion's face is lifelike. It was once praised by American novelist Mark Twain as "the most tragic and moving statue in the world"

the Grammy family also saw some other local cultural scenes during their trip to Lucerne. Or transportation, or decorations, these have broadened the vision of Grammy family and enriched the spiritual experience

after leaving the town of lucerne, the Grammy family went to Interlaken, another famous town in Switzerland, the next day. Interlaken, Latin for "between two lakes", is located between Lake toon and lake Brien, also known as "inter Lake Town". The crystal clear two lakes are pregnant with magnificent mountains and glaciers, and the beautiful and pure scenery is like a fairyland. From the vast green grass, you can overlook the beautiful Jungfrau peak, and the quiet atmosphere can calm people's hearts

summer is the season when Swiss flowers are in full bloom. Daisies, tulips, milk vetch and other flowers are in full bloom. Interlaken supermarket has freshly picked flowers, which are very beautiful. In the endless fields of Interlaken, you can also see the scene of wheat waves rolling. The bright color shines on the blue sky, which is extremely charming

the Grammy family also wore straw hats and participated in the local wheat harvesting activities, experiencing the joy of labor

traveling in Interlaken seems to come to an open-air museum. Whether it's local architecture or handicrafts, Grammys are full of eyes

while enjoying the scenic spots outside, Grammys have enriched their hearts by trying to explore and experience the characteristics and cultural significance of European art. A journey to explore European art is underway




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