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The decoration design of children's room is the top priority of the whole family decoration process. Xiaobian collected nearly 100 design cases from Wuhan Decoration Company and learned that parents now pay more attention to the decoration design of children's room in the decoration design. Children's preferences and nature are naturally different from adults. Therefore, in order to meet the growth needs of children at different stages, the decoration design of children's room also needs targeted collocation, In terms of different family decoration styles, the children's room should be designed differently. In the big aspect, we need to consider the brightness, childlike fun, simplicity and elegance of the space, and in the small aspect, we need to consider the collocation of details, such as color, so how to match the colors of the children's room decoration design and what are the key points? Next, the designers of Wuhan Aohua decoration come to have a detailed understanding with parents and friends:

color matching and key points of children's room decoration design: theme color

Wuhan Aohua decoration designer said that the decoration color of children's room should not be too fancy. For children's room decoration, the theme color should be determined according to children's gender before design. The color selection of children's room mainly follows several requirements, namely, bright color, soothing color Color is pleasant in three directions, and you can also choose contrast colors to reconcile. Generally, there are no more than three colors, which can play a good color jump effect

children's room decoration design color matching and key point 2: age stage

children of different age stages have different expectations and requirements for color. In short, the color that children like is related to age stage. Parents should choose different colors to match according to different ages. For some school-age children, they can also ask their children's opinions. They can choose their own colors by themselves. The direct psychological growth of children caused by different spatial colors is completely different. Parents need to pay more attention to the relationship between age and the color selection of children's room decoration

color matching and key points of children's room decoration design: sensory color

for children aged 0-6, because they do not have good recognition ability, they can only perceive the world through external sounds, forms and colors. For children at this age, there is only a strong perception brought by different colors in their eyes. During this period, the perception of different colors also imperceptibly affects children's psychological changes. Colors and decorations can choose childlike charm, natural landscapes, cartoon characters, etc. Children of different genders also have different perceptions of color. Girls prefer pink, boys prefer green or lake blue, and sensory color plays an important role in children's growth. Therefore, the specific selection of children's room color requires parents to make a detailed analysis of their children

summary: the above three points of children's room decoration color matching can be summarized into three points: simplifying color matching, the relationship between age and color selection, and color perception. The last point to be reminded is that in addition to following these points in color, another important point in the decoration design of children's room is environmental protection. Parents need to take environmental protection as an important premise, such as the environmental protection of wallpaper, latex paint, wood making materials, etc. for the selection of materials, we can compare which Wuhan decoration company is better in environmental protection decoration in detail, so as to ensure a comfortable and healthy growth environment for children

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