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[home decoration network] many home decoration companies will promise to decorate families: “ The company has full-time supervision engineers who can provide supervision. You should know that this kind of supervision is illegal, and it does a lot of harm. [related reading: home decoration supervisors are facing a crisis of trust. Who will manage “ supervision?]

I. position problem

when there is a quality problem of home decoration project, and the interests of the decoration company conflict with the interests of the decoration family, as the internal quality management personnel of the decoration company, whether they can protect the interests of the decoration family is questionable. Now, professional home decoration supervision companies or service institutions have emerged in many places to provide third-party social supervision for decorated families. The main work of these professional supervision engineers includes: helping decoration families inspect and determine decoration companies, reviewing and determining decoration plans, assisting in signing decoration contracts, accepting mobilization materials, checking construction technology, controlling construction progress, etc. Until the completion acceptance of the project, the supervision report shall be issued. This kind of supervision is the third-party social supervision, which is also the real home decoration supervision. It protects the rights and interests of the decorated family to the greatest extent. Therefore, it is widely welcomed by the society

II. Responsibility issues

it is the responsibility of the decoration company to earnestly perform the contract and ensure the quality on schedule. Its internal quality supervisors should be necessary. We should not confuse the internal quality management personnel with the social intermediary supervision institutions and bring misunderstanding to the decoration family

III. qualification issues

according to national regulations, any supervision organization must be approved by the relevant government departments, issue the qualification certificate of supervision personnel, and register with the Department of industry and commerce. This kind of decoration company's internal supervisors are often very irregular, and some of their qualities are very poor. Therefore, the quality of home decoration supervision cannot be guaranteed. This kind of decoration company's internal supervisors are often very irregular, and some of their qualities are very poor. Therefore, the quality of home decoration supervision cannot be guaranteed

home decoration supervision is a highly professional work. Whether it is a supervision company or a supervisor, there is a problem of qualification recognition itself. The problems existing in unqualified supervision companies can be summarized into two points:

1. Lack of supervision mechanism, and impartiality cannot be guaranteed

unqualified supervision companies do not accept the management of industry competent departments, and the construction industry management office cannot guide and inspect their systems and personnel quality, so their supervision business is not standardized and fair. Unqualified supervision itself is a kind of illegal operation. In the standardized home decoration market, it is a disturbance to the whole market to intervene by means of illegal operation. Therefore, if you want to hire a supervision company for home decoration, you must hire those supervision institutions with the qualification of home decoration supervision. In the whole process of home decoration, the supervision committee will use norms, guidance, verification, rectification, re inspection and other means to supervise and manage the construction behavior in accordance with local standards, which can well help the decoration family to achieve satisfactory results with qualified quality

2. Unable to achieve the supervision goal entrusted by families

the reason why such companies failed to obtain qualification approval is that their personnel quality and management system are not up to the requirements, and the supervision activity itself is a management system, which is a highly professional work. Without qualified personnel and good management system, it is impossible to perform the supervision obligations well. Home decoration network





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