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Nowadays, furniture is widely used in both home and office, and furniture is very practical, which brings great convenience to people's life. So what are the good and well-known furniture brands in Xiamen furniture factory? Come and have a look

which one is better in Xiamen furniture factory? 1. Xingweiye furniture factory was established in 2006, mainly focusing on simple and fashionable furniture. The factory is a large furniture enterprise focusing on production and sales. The overall wardrobe products of the furniture factory were rated as “ Top ten brands of Xiamen integrated wardrobe &rdquo& ldquo; Green products ”, Deeply favored by consumers

2. DUOGU Furniture Co., Ltd.

DUOGU Furniture Co., Ltd. is also one of the famous furniture factories in Xiamen. It focuses on the production and sales of office furniture. There are many kinds of products, such as filing cabinets, sofas, leisure series, etc

3. Kangruiqing Furniture Co., Ltd.

Xiamen kangruiqing Furniture Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sale of household products. The main furniture includes: soft bedding, mattress sofa, dining table chair, etc. Since its establishment, the company has continuously expanded its business and has been adhering to “ Quality first, service first ” Business philosophy, pay attention to the excavation and training of talents

4. Jiuxi Furniture Co., Ltd.

Jiuxi Furniture Co., Ltd. mainly produces outdoor furniture, park chairs, garden chairs and other products. The furniture company has a complete and scientific quality management system. With integrity, strength and product quality, the furniture brand is also very famous in the industry

introduction to famous furniture brands

1. Qumei furniture

Qumei furniture is a leading brand of Chinese furniture, with a very high brand awareness. It has a world-famous design team and is a very modern furniture brand

2. IKEA furniture

IKEA furniture is a brand with high cost performance in the furniture industry, and its brand popularity is also high. Its main products include seats, sofas and office supplies

3. Red Apple furniture

the Red Apple furniture brand mainly focuses on the R & D, production and operation of high-end panel furniture, bedding and sofa. It is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in China

4. Federal furniture

Lianan furniture was founded in 1984, mainly selling medium and high-end furniture. Now the brand is famous all over the country, and there are many chain stores across the country. With international strategy and excellent commercial manufacturing and management, the brand has built a world brand besides the Chinese people

the above information is about which good and well-known furniture brand of Xiamen furniture factory. I hope you can refer to these contents when purchasing. Xiamen furniture factory also has other well-known manufacturers. It is suggested that you can learn more about it to facilitate the purchase of furniture in the future




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