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Weimai has been innovating from its first original research and development of high-quality products such as flocking, sandstone, paint baking, secondary foaming, and now the world's first ultra wide cross cloth based seamless wall cloth

"craftsmanship, entrepreneurship" is often talked about, but how much is it really achieved

"craftsman spirit" falls on the level of entrepreneurs, which is entrepreneurship. First, innovation is the core of entrepreneurship; Second, dedication is the driving force of entrepreneurship; Third, excellence and dedication are the foundation of entrepreneurship; Fourth, persistence is the basic quality of entrepreneurship

Weimai wallpaper has been operating the enterprise with entrepreneurship since it was put into production in 1986:

Innovation: Weimai has developed high-quality products such as flocking, sandstone, paint baking, secondary foaming, etc. from its first original research and development, to today's world's first ultra wide cross cloth based seamless wall cloth. Weimai has been innovating and leading the industry trend

dedication: Weimai's corporate slogan is "committed to the sustainable development of the wallpaper industry, beautify the quality of healthy life, and always maintain common progress with customers". From the initial technology leadership, to the product leadership, to today's model leadership, from the past product output to the current "product + service" output, Weimai has been at the forefront of the industry and has been making contributions to the industry. These are enough to reflect the professionalism of Weimai

keep improving: Weimai keeps improving the process, design, details and quality of each product. All products of Weimai adhere to the original route. From design, production to operation, we strive to pay attention to details and strive to achieve perfection

persistence: in the past 30 years, Weimai has experienced several storms in the industry, and many manufacturers have risen and fallen. Weimai has always stood firm. And when many people lost confidence in the wallpaper industry, Weimai also invested heavily in the research and development of new equipment and products. Persistence is the most basic quality of entrepreneurs. Weimai always believes that the wallpaper industry has a future

it is often heard that Weimai's products are more expensive, and how cheap wallpapers on the market are now... We just want to say that price is not the only standard to measure products! In the face of doubt, we just want to speak with strength and facts

in terms of design, Weimai uses the original design of Italian designers, each pattern has a unique meaning, and the design cost of a draft is tens of thousands of yuan; In terms of equipment, Weimai uses imported equipment, which has higher precision and better batch stability, with tens of millions of equipment; In terms of backing paper, Weimai uses the best imported backing paper, which is more environmentally friendly and stronger. The cost is thousands of yuan higher than that in China; In terms of ink, Weimai uses imported Polytex environmental protection ink, which has better color, strong weather resistance and long color warranty after being put on the wall. In addition, Weimai uses the best rutile titanium dioxide, with good stability, and the price is 4-5 times that of ordinary titanium dioxide; The roller is basically imported hand carved roller, and the products produced are lifelike. The price of each roller is 4-5 times that of China. Finally, Vemma uses ExxonMobil plasticizer imported from the United States, which has better stability and guaranteed product quality

can all this be summed up by the word "expensive"? In fact, Weimai's products are not expensive and cost-effective. But many people only look at the surface, not the quality

Weimai always adheres to the original design, insists on using the best raw materials, insists on using the best equipment, and adheres to the brand line. Moreover, the sense of detail and delicacy of Weimai's products is unmatched by ordinary manufacturers. Weimai's products can be seen with a magnifying glass. Because Weimai knows that only the best materials, the best equipment, the best design and the most professional technicians can produce the best products for customers. Weimai insists on not following the crowd and making conscientious products





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