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How to establish the status of "world packaging and printing center" (I)

the concept of printing has a wide range of connotations, such as publication printing, commercial printing, packaging printing, security and anti-counterfeiting printing, silk printing and special printing, teaching assistant book printing, label printing, official document printing, etc. Printing is one of the most complicated and diverse industries in the processing and manufacturing industry

printing has made great contributions to the dissemination of knowledge and information, human civilization and progress. However, with the rapid development of modern e-books (CD-ROM) and Internet, official document printing, publishing printing, textbook printing and commercial printing for the purpose of spreading knowledge and information have been impacted to varying degrees. Because compared with paper printed matter, Internet has many advantages, such as large amount of information, audio-visual function, fast and timely, convenient search, two-way interaction and so on. Even the anti-counterfeiting printing of securities has been impacted by e-commerce. More and more new people are used to reading, paying and consuming with cards

in developed countries, the growth rate of printed matter has slowed down. According to the statistics of an authoritative survey organization on the market share of the global print media and electronic media, in 1995, the share of the print media in the market was 70%, while the electronic media accounted for only 30% of the market share. It is estimated that by 2010, the annual growth rate of print media will be 3.5% and that of electronic media will be 9.5%. By 2010, print media will account for 48% of the market share, while electronic media will account for 52%. For the traditional publishing and printing industry, this means that the share of paper media in the total media volume is servo Electromechanical, which will be reduced

in recent years, with the rapid growth of national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the exquisite degree of packaging and the quality of packaging and printing. The application demand of packaging and printing has increased greatly, and the packaging and printing industry has shown a rapid development trend, which is generally optimistic about the sunrise industry. According to the statistics of the General Administration of publishing, China's packaging and printing market is growing at a rate of about 12% every year, and the total output value of packaging and printing accounts for about 1/3 of the national printing output value

why is the packaging and printing industry a "sunrise industry"

look at the commodities around us, such as food, drugs, clothing, household appliances, daily chemicals, fresh milk, pesticides... They are always packed in a variety of packaging boxes, packaging boxes, plastic bags, plastic bottles, cans and high-end gift boxes with novel design, unique shape and exquisite printing. As long as they are commodities, most of them need packaging. One purpose of packaging is to protect the experimental equipment: CMT (4) 3 hardness value error of Jinan new period assay instrument Co., Ltd. is small 04 protect the commodity itself, making the commodity easy to transport and convenient for consumers. In addition, the quality of packaging also determines the "grade" of commodities to a certain extent. The packaging of a product directly affects the purchasing psychology of customers. It is no exaggeration to say that the packaging of a product is the most direct advertising. In order to convey the information of commodities to consumers and beautify commodities to please consumers, businesses need exquisite packaging and printing. Therefore, as long as there are commodities, there will be packaging and printing. Moreover, the packaging and printing industry will never be impacted by CD-ROM and Internet. Therefore, the packaging and printing industry is the "eternal sunrise industry"

according to the report provided by comexi, a famous manufacturer of packaging, printing and paper products processing machinery, one third of the annual turnover of the global printing market is created by the packaging and printing industry, which is a market with an annual turnover of 250billion US dollars and is still growing. By comparison, the annual turnover of global book printing is only US $10billion

there are more than 5000 printing enterprises in the United States, with nearly one million employees. At present, the printing sales volume is about 170billion US dollars, with an annual growth rate of about 3%. The printing industry in the United States is mainly commercial printing, newspaper printing and packaging printing, among which the number of book printing enterprises is the least, and packaging printing occupies the second place in the U.S. printing market. Packaging and printing is one of the most promising investment directions for private enterprises in the United States. According to a survey report, one of the three printing entrepreneurs expects to purchase packaging and printing equipment, which reflects the good development prospects of the packaging and printing industry in the United States

this is also confirmed by the large number of imports of multi-color offset printing machines in China in recent years. According to several major international offset printer suppliers, most of the sheet fed multi-color offset printers introduced in China in recent years are used for packaging and printing, especially in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta

at the time of reform and opening up, there was a doggerel saying that China's export commodities were "first-class products, second-class packaging and third-class prices". Because we didn't pay enough attention to the packaging of goods, we suffered a loss in the international market

in the past, China's packaging and printing industry was dominated by state-owned enterprises and collective enterprises. Since the 1990s, foreign-funded enterprises have entered the Chinese mainland market, and private enterprises have sprung up one after another. In the 21st century, the proportion of foreign-funded enterprises with international advanced market ideas and successful operation and management experience, as well as dynamic private enterprises and joint-stock enterprises with market sensitive response ability has increased significantly. China's packaging and printing industry has initially formed an industrial pattern in which state-owned, collective, private, joint-stock, foreign-funded and other economic components coexist

at present, the level of packaging and printing equipment in China is significantly higher than that in the past. According to relevant data, the total value of various printing machines imported by China in 2002 has exceeded 1billion US dollars. The overall manufacturing level of the domestic printing machinery industry has also made great progress compared with the past, which has effectively improved the equipment level in the domestic packaging and printing field

after years of development, China has now formed three regional packaging and printing bases, namely "Pearl River Delta", "Yangtze River Delta" and "Bohai Rim". Among the 40 industries in China, the packaging and printing industry has risen to 12th. However, although China has become a big packaging country in the world, it is not a powerful packaging country. Compared with developed countries and regions in the world, there is still a big gap in China's packaging and printing industry

after entering the 21st century, China's packaging and printing industry is facing a series of good development opportunities by closing two circulating oil tanks

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