How to establish the most suitable regional market

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How can enterprises establish the most suitable regional market for themselves? Why are there any methods for maintaining the tension machine? Some enterprises still fail to establish a clear and stable regional market after years of painstaking operation? One of the reasons is that the enterprises lack a basic understanding and correct understanding of the regional market. Regional market, in short, refers to the regional scope of commodity marketing. Due to the interaction of its constituent factors, the market characteristics with similarities and differences are formed, so its market characteristics have different manifestations

some other enterprises fail to establish a stable regional market? The second reason is that it is not clear where the regional market target is, and the clear regional market target is the key to the success or failure of enterprise market expansion, so the enterprise marketing decision-makers should choose it carefully. In fact, how to define the regional market objectives is not only the problem of accurately selecting and positioning the regional market, but also the problem of whether the current marketing resources of enterprises can adapt to the specific regional market conditions

some enterprises rush to develop regional markets before they have made a reasonable deployment of the overall market situation. There is a lack of coordination between regions. As a result, the construction of regional markets is unstable. In fact, once the regional market is determined, regardless of its wide and narrow scope and size, the enterprise should establish the strategic idea of "one game of chess as a whole" and reasonably "seek sub layout" from the overall situation

throughout the whole market, most of the products have been on the market for a long time and have not been started yet. They are still there, so the accuracy is still lingering. That is because the enterprise products lack strategy and tactics when entering the market, both in terms of methods and timing. In fact, the entry of regional market involves the selection of entry mode, entry time and strategy

for example, for the entry of prefecture level markets and key markets, if the enterprise has strong strength, it can choose to "operate independently and build its own network". This is an independent way to build the market by relying on the enterprise's own ability. Its advantage is that it can establish its own access network, master the initiative of the market, and respond positively to any market

if it is a foreign market entry, the market development is difficult, and the strength of the enterprise is not as strong as that supported by the green supply chain standard and the production system extension system, the enterprise can choose powerful and reputable distributors (or agent sales). On the one hand, it can use its distribution network to quickly cover the market; On the one hand, it can reduce investment and sales cost

at the same time, there is another way that is more suitable for the entry of foreign markets, that is, to adopt "integration and connectivity, coexistence and common prosperity", that is, to establish a manufacturer integrated marketing partnership system. In this way, on the one hand, the enterprise selects the dealers with good reputation and strong strength in the target market as the exclusive general marketing agent, on the other hand, it assigns powerful and reliable business representatives to use them, and jointly develops the market under the guidance of the manufacturer to form a "partnership" with shared interests and risks. In this way, the enterprise can not only reliably grasp the market situation and competitive dynamics, but also make use of the distributor's distribution network, which reduces the risk, It also increases the transparency of marketing

for the entry into the local market or key markets, it is entirely possible to combine the advantages of direct selling and distribution by "walking on two legs and driving together". With direct selling as the main method, we can not only make use of the distribution network of dealers, but also grasp the initiative of marketing, but also deal with the relationship between the two Pay special attention to the interests of dealers, otherwise there will be a "chaotic market" situation

marketers who have been slain in the marketing battlefield all year round know that "it is easy to attack a city, but difficult to defend a city", and the establishment of district and city markets is the same. After an enterprise has conquered a regional market, its market followers will follow its lead and invade it. If an enterprise wants to hold the market, it must adopt powerful and effective means. One of the most effective means to consolidate the market is to infiltrate the existing market without holes or leaks. Namely:

I. complex penetration. Increase advertising and promotion efforts and increase the sales volume of middlemen by transferring profits to middlemen

II. Product penetration. Expand the scope of product use, increase product varieties, expand product utility, and improve product quality

III. demand penetration. According to the different needs of different customers, develop new products) to meet the needs of different levels

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