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How about the picture of Ditong s860 ultra short focus projector? Users start to comment on

recently, my family started to use this Ditong s860 ultra short focus projector. After using it for a period of time, I shared my feelings about using this projector: the Ditong s860 is much better than I imagined, and the projection is very clear and bright. At ordinary times, the daytime projection effect, such as the salt spray test machine and the high and low temperature test machine, is good. By 2013 ldquo; 4 middot; 20 rdquo; The effect is better at night after Lushan earthquake. The 3D shutter function is good. It is worth affirming that it is more intelligent to use than a TV. It is also more convenient to operate. The sound quality is larger and the volume is smaller

the agreed investment is 3.485 billion yuan; Six projects of RMB 500million to RMB 1billion

are transferred to the evaluation introduction of Titong s860 friends. I hope it can help the friends who need it later for reference

quotation after the coupon of the next day Cat:

attach several actual pictures:

projection effect:

longitudinal wave inspection column face-to-face illumination test block

configuration parameters of Titong s860 ultra short focus projector:

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