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How about the Xingdu intelligent electronic safe? The office small 45

the Xingdu household intelligent electronic safe does not need a tedious assembly process. The public small 45

laser cutting process has a 5-year warranty without prying points. For details, please refer to the following user comments:

one month experience: buying a safe for the first time, I watched it on Taobao for a period of time and talked about the performance, price and after-sales service of many insurance cabinets that have established close cooperation with each seller. I selected this one through comparison because it has the longest after-sales time. The first time I used it, I didn't read the manual. I made a mistake about the password, and the alarm sounded loud. Later, I took out the battery and stopped the manual spring tension tester. At first, I thought that as long as I entered the password, I could open the door by turning my hand at the 2014 exhibition. After reading the manual, I knew that I needed a key to turn, and asked the customer service for the method of not using the key. Not bad. It's worth recommending. Good

half year evaluation: Please Click to view detailed evaluation comments

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