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CNCA experts came to Shanghai zhanchen to discuss the development of water-based paint

CNCA experts came to Shanghai zhanchen to discuss the development of water-based paint

September 8, 2017

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on September 6, 2017, Yao Cen, deputy general manager of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and Beijing Sinochem Joint Certification Co., Ltd., and Mr. He, head of Shanghai; Dr. Guan Junwen of China National Certification and accreditation supervision commission and his delegation visited Shanghai zhanchen for research and guidance with their rich colors and competitive prices. Zhou Xiao, manager of Shanghai zhanchen quality control department, generally used a single column to do the peel test. Xia Zhengming, the group's water-based project manager, and Xu Fen, the chief engineer of water-based wood paint in the technology department, warmly received the experts together with the personnel and administration department

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Beijing Sinochem United Certification Co., Ltd. is designated by the national certification and Accreditation Administration to undertake compulsory product certification. In combination with the development needs of the petroleum and chemical industry, it actively develops and implements Sinochem quality, environmental protection, safety, energy conservation, low carbon and environmental protection ecological fertilizer product certification, as well as quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification "Energy management" qiaojinliang reasoning system certification and other qualifications of a comprehensive certification body with distinctive professional characteristics

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Dr. Yao Zongguan and teacher he

this time, the experts came to Shanghai zhanchen, mainly to understand the development status of the water-based coating industry, the quality and safety level of coating products, listen to the suggestions of enterprises on the compulsory certification of coating products, and investigate the technical progress of controlling toxic and harmful substances and volatile organic compounds in coating products

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Zhou Xiaohu, Xu Fenxia Zhengming

at the meeting, Zhou Xiaohu, manager of the quality control department, said that many certification indicators of zhanchen products were higher than industry standards, and we are fair and strict in quality control and certification. Xia Zhengming, the group's water-based project manager, and Xu Fen, the group's chief engineer, introduced the development of the group's water-based products. As the output of water-based products increases year by year, they hope to discuss the new model with experts from the national certification and Accreditation Commission in the certification of water-based products

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in March 2003, Shanghai zhanchen passed the on-site review of the certification company at one time, obtained the ISO9001 certification certificate, and successfully passed the annual external review. At present, it has the relevant certification qualifications such as the China environmental label certification certificate, the quality management system certification certificate, and the environmental management system certification certificate. As a national key high-tech enterprise, zhanchen group has recently participated in the formulation and revision of 19 national and industrial standards for the coating industry, has 11 high-tech achievement transformation projects, has undertaken 2 National Fire moment plan projects, 1 Ministry of science and Technology Commissioner project, and many products have won the titles of national key new product projects

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just after the launching ceremony of Shanghai zhanchen quality month was successfully held, the visit of experts from the National Accreditation Administration was welcomed, which added splendor to the quality month activities and contributed to the construction of zhanchen quality brand

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