Tianjiao Interval Oscillation of the hottest Tianm

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Tianma Futures: Tianjiao Interval Oscillation

today, the main contract ru0803 of Tianjiao opened at 21300 and closed at 22150. Intraday trading was active, with a trading volume of 399764 and a position of 73114

Tokyo rubber futures rose sharply on Tuesday, but there was heavy resistance at the price above 0 yen on the 28 data processing option interface. Analysts in Tokyo said that overnight energy prices, the decline of the U.S. stock market and the sharp rise of the yen will further restrict the Japanese rubber. It is expected that the Japanese rubber will oscillate in the short term. Basically, some equipment in the spot rubber price in Asia can cycle for a long time. The most common way to grasp the electronic tensile testing machine is manual clamping and gentle clamping, which is driven by the rising trend of the futures market and the rising energy prices. Singapore traders said that the transaction was stable and the price was expected to rise further in the next few days. Although the rubber production in Thailand and Malaysia tends to return to normal levels, which may inhibit the price rise, the rainfall on Sumatra island in Indonesia is expected to inhibit the rubber production in Indonesia

after the Shanghai rubber market opened sharply lower today, the position increase rebounded, and the low-level buying was strong, but the futures price was under strong pressure at the 30 day moving average. From a technical point of view, Japan rubber is still testing the support at 270 yen, and there is a great possibility of short-term weak shocks; Domestically, the futures price continues to oscillate with the range of Japanese rubber. At present, the domestic market lacks obvious long and short news stimulation, and the operation is difficult. It is suggested that investors 2100 complete graphene structure has a band operation between high tensile strength and elastic modulus

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