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Experts from the International Energy Agency warned that the new oil crisis could roll over the world in five years. According to foreign reports quoted by Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, although countries are actively developing renewable energy. 3. Quantum tunneling effect, oil is still the main energy in the world. However, Birol, chief economist of the International Energy Agency (IEA), recently warned that as most oil fields in the world have passed the peak of oil production, and "demand continues to grow, but supply is contracting, a new round of catastrophic" oil crisis "is likely to sweep the world within five years

Birol pointed out that IEA assessed more than 800 oil fields around the world and found that most large oil fields have passed the peak oil production period. According to this calculation, the peak oil production period in the world will arrive 10 years earlier than expected by most countries. The IEA estimated that the annual global oil production decreased by 3.7% the year before last, but in the latest study, this figure was significantly revised to 6.7%

Birol believes that the increase in oil demand drives the rise in oil prices. On the contrary, the growth of oil production has stagnated or even decreased. In addition, oil producing countries have seriously insufficient investment in oil exploitation. These factors will lead to the "oil crisis" sweeping the world within five years. 6. Determine the skill status and accuracy of tensile testing machines according to the difference of comparison values

he said that in the next few years, the rise in oil prices will lead to an increase in prices. Since the global economy will still be vulnerable when 100000 troops leave the Pacific Ocean, high oil prices will undermine economic recovery. He also warned: "one day, oil will run out. We must give up our dependence on oil before it leaves us, and we must be ready for that day."

looking forward to the global economic recovery, the September futures oil in New York rose above the $70 level to $70.95 during the Asian electronic trading session on September 3, a one month high. The representative of Iran from the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries predicted that the oil price could reach a high of $80 in January next year

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