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Baotou Haikou high speed railway passenger transport channel line demonstration meeting experts visited Yuchai

Baotou Haikou high speed railway passenger transport channel line demonstration meeting experts visited Yuchai

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recently, the south section of Baotou Haikou high speed railway passenger transport channel (Zhangjiajie Haikou) line demonstration meeting was held in Yulin city. During the meeting, stern, who participated in the economic planning research of the Ministry of railways, focused on Huang Qingyou, a senior engineer of polymotor 2, and municipal leaders of important node cities such as Guilin, Zhanjiang, and Haikou in Zhangjiajie along the line. Design experts from creec came to Yuchai to ask for sufficient capacity and ensure rapid visit and investigation to further understand the development of Yulin economy and enterprises. Gu tangsheng, President of Yuchai group, warmly received the guests and introduced the relevant situation of Yuchai

since the 12th Five Year Plan, the national high-speed railway construction has stepped into the fast lane. As a new modern transportation mode, high-speed railway plays an increasingly prominent role in driving and leading economic and social development. However, at present, the lines opened by high-speed rail are mainly concentrated in the eastern region. The central and western regions, which are rich in resources, have great economic development potential, and have urgent needs for rapid passenger travel, still lack smooth high-speed rail channels. To this end, Shaanxi Province took the lead in planning the Baotou Haikou West high-speed rail corridor project, which runs through Mongolia, Shaanxi, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Guangdong and Hainan and connects the Silk Road Economic Belt, the maritime Silk Road and the Yangtze River economic belt, according to the needs. Yulin is also seizing the opportunity to fight for the Zhangjiajie Haikou railway project of the southern section of Baotou Haikou high speed railway via Yulin

during the inspection, Huang Qingyou and his party watched Yuchai promotional videos, visited the heavy machinery processing workshop and heavy machinery installation and test workshop, further learned about Yuchai's enterprise scale, products, market and other information, and affirmed Yuchai's healthy and steady development under the severe industry situation

Gu tangsheng expressed his strong desire to open a high-speed railway in Yulin. He pointed out that Yuchai, as a leader in the domestic internal combustion engine industry, does not have an advantage in the geographical location of the country, and the relative lag of railway and other transportation construction has further curbed the pace of enterprises going out. At present, Yuchai also has air tightness in talent introduction and strengthening the exchange with the outside world, which is attributed to its high cell closure rate. Accelerating the construction of modern and convenient transportation is of great significance for Yuchai to implement "secondary entrepreneurship" and enter the ranks of international modern enterprises

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