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Experts debated at the sub forum of 2020 world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference: will robots replace people

with the development of intelligent manufacturing, robots are becoming more and more fragile - the reduction of ductility due to physical or chemical changes has entered people's production and life more deeply. Many people have a question in their hearts: will robots replace humans? At the sub forum of 2020 world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference held yesterday afternoon, many industry celebrities launched a round table dialogue on this topic

Tsinghua University intelligence cannot be used to stop pressing buttons; Deng Zhidong, Professor of the State Key Laboratory of technology and systems and director of the visual intelligence research center of the Academy of artificial intelligence, said that human perception, cognition and behavior are important references in the process of developing robots. How to move as fast and as agile as people on February 8th, 2017, "whenever I encounter problems that cannot be solved in the field of artificial intelligence, I think about how people do it."

sunlining, director of the robotics and microsystem research center of Suzhou University, said that at present, robots are mainly engaged in some complex, dangerous and boring jobs instead of people. In terms of form, as long as they work. However, with the continuous emergence of new technologies and concepts, robots will become more and more like people in the future, cooking like family nannies, chatting with the elderly like emotional chaperones, and human-computer interaction will become more common

"a craftsman relies on decades of experience and painting skills. If he transfers human experience to robots, he will be more like people." Sunlining said that they are trying to record the parameters of a skilled grinder in the grinding process, and then copy them to the robot

Zhu Siming, director of social value investment alliance and partner of Nomura comprehensive research institute, has a clear attitude. He believes that "in the future, more attention will be paid to human-machine coordination, but robots cannot replace people"

Zhu Siming said that 80% of the products of a company he has been in contact with for many years rely on intelligent detection, but 20% of the high-end products rely on teachers with more than 30 years of experience to touch with their hands, "the gap in perception accuracy makes robots unable to replace people."

"people can be replaced." Zhou Yuxiang, founder and CEO of Heihu Zhizao, also expressed his views

Zhou Yuxiang believes that robots have learned many human skills through learning and replaced some human positions. The key to the difference lies in their decision-making ability. When people's decision-making ability is learned and replaced by robots, robots can replace people in the process of continuous upward development

Zhang Yanmin, Secretary General of the consortium of intelligent manufacturing society of China Association for science and technology and executive vice president of China Machinery 23 metal materials engineering society, said that the ultimate goal of intelligent manufacturing is for people. Why should we develop intelligent manufacturing such as 3D printing and driverless? Or to meet the needs of human life, old age, death, clothing, food, shelter and transportation, as well as the spiritual level. Therefore, the development of robots should be based on people's actual needs and coordinate with the industry. Forward-looking basic research should be advanced, but the industry should not be advanced, otherwise there will be overcapacity. We should develop intelligent manufacturing with a realistic attitude

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