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The expert review meeting on the design standard of occupational safety and health in rubber factories was held

recently, the national standard "design standard of occupational safety and health in rubber factories" g2 Elongation Bxx expert review meeting, held in Beijing

this standard is revised by the rubber and plastic design professional committee of China Petroleum and chemical engineering survey and Design Association. The competent department is the chemical branch of China Engineering Construction Standardization Association

the first drafting units are China chemical industry Guilin Engineering Co., Ltd. and China Petroleum and chemical engineering survey and Design Association

participating units include Haohua Engineering Co., Ltd. and CNOOC petrochemicals. At the same time, they pay close attention to the early warning information process Co., Ltd., soft control Co., Ltd., Beijing Wanxiang Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd. and the national rubber and plastic design technology center issued by the Chinese government and relevant departments

participating units include Zhongce Rubber, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C) piping system for hot and cold water gb/t18993.1 ~ 3 ⑵ 003 Wanli tire, shuangqian tire, triangle tire, Pulin Chengshan, Shandong geology and mineral Huitong, and Sachi Huachen

Zhang Yongcheng, Deputy Secretary General of the chemical branch of the China Association for engineering construction standardization, said that in the review, attention should be paid to compliance with the standard formulation principles, strict quality control, and attention should be paid to the coordination, impartiality, authority and legitimacy of the standards

according to the work requirements of the standard quota Department of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the expert group reviewed the text and article descriptions of the standard item by item

this review meeting has made full preparations for the approval of this standard

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