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Wenzhou municipal Party Committee Political Research Office and experts visited the "Tianxin" exhibition hall

recently, a research group composed of Wenzhou municipal Party Committee Political Research Office and experts from Zhejiang Province visited the "Tianxin" exhibition hall. Since its inception, "Tianxin" has been focusing on the field of gas measurement to deal with difficult stool. Its products are mainly gas measurement instruments, industrial measurement instruments and gas pressure regulating equipment

recently, a research group composed of the Political Research Office of Wenzhou municipal Party committee and experts visited the "Tianxin" exhibition hall. Since its inception, "Tianxin" has been focusing on the field of gas measurement, and its products are mainly gas measurement instruments, industrial measurement instruments and gas pressure regulating equipment

Tianxin Instrument Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is a professional manufacturer of industrial automation instruments and industrial measurement instruments. "Tianxin" is located in Lingxi Town, Cangnan County, covering an area of 49 mu, with fixed assets of 680million yuan, 498 employees and 42 core management teams. It has 4 manufacturing bases, 2 comprehensive R & D centers, 48 sales subsidiaries and 1 postdoctoral workstation. In 2014, Tianxin achieved a GDP of more than 500 million yuan and a tax payment of 77 million yuan. It has been rated as a major taxpayer in Cangnan County for many consecutive years

set up subsidiaries in Europe

as early as 1995, 11 young people in Cangnan county "went overseas" from local state-owned enterprises. With a common dream, with only 500000 capital, they created the predecessor of "Tianxin": Cangnan County three-dimensional Instrument Co., Ltd. At the beginning of its establishment, the three-dimensional instrument company had only one single product, the Precession Vortex flowmeter. Entrepreneurs focused on this single product and worked hard to produce it. While the business volume was expanding, the original capital was also accumulating

in 1998, at the dawn of the new century, 3D instrument merged with Cangnan Huayu Instrument Co., Ltd. to establish "Zhejiang Tianxin Instrument Co., Ltd."

in 2001, "Tianxin" acquired the third state-owned Cangnan instrument factory, and wholly established Shanghai Tianxin Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. the following year. The scale of the enterprise has been further expanded and achieved rapid development

in 2003, "Tianxin" formed a close strategic alliance with the internationally renowned American dresser industries, which accelerated the internationalization process of the enterprise

in 2008, "Tianxin" was promoted to a non regional enterprise group, and five years later, it established a European subsidiary of "Tianxin" integrating technology development and sales, aiming at the global market

focus on gas measurement

"Tianxin" has been focusing on the field of gas measurement since its inception, and its products are mainly gas measurement instruments, industrial measurement instruments and gas pressure regulating equipment. Shu Sha, President of "Tianxin" and senior economic teacher, introduced that "Tianxin" products are mainly used in the measurement of oil, natural gas and other industries. "Due to the particularity of product application fields, we have very high requirements for product quality."

for this reason, "Tianxin" fully implements informatization and process management, fully realizes data informatization control of product production process management, procurement management, inventory management, product after-sales management and other systems, and takes the lead in introducing innovative management concepts such as "lean production" in the same industry

the person in charge of "Tianxin" believes that there are many waste phenomena in enterprise production and business activities, and "lean production" regards all non value-added activities in the enterprise as waste. "The secret of the success of" lean production "lies in shifting the focus of improving efficiency to non value-added activities of the enterprise, and successfully eliminating these activities to avoid waste

fan Shusha revealed that since the introduction of the management concept of "lean production", Tianxin took the lead in putting forward the goal of "zero defects, zero complaints and zero risks" for the original production process, established a standard operation process from line to surface, embedded quality, safety and environmental risk control into the management process, strengthened the system and controlled the site, and built an automated and smooth production site. Thanks to the guidance of the "three zero" goal, "Tianxin" has become more and more successful in eliminating enterprise waste, and is constantly moving closer to the "lean production" mode

"Tianxin" products currently account for about 30% of the domestic market share, ranking first in the country's industrial gas metering instruments. "Tianxin" has developed into a leading enterprise in China's gas metering industry, China's leading professional manufacturer and service provider of oil and gas application systems with suitable viscosity for flow meter replacement, and has become a key high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Program and a project undertaking unit of the National 863 program

take Gu 3. When the geometric accuracy of the force measuring piston and oil cylinder is out of tolerance or corroded due to dirt, the person in charge of "Tianxin" analyzed that the source of the enterprise's value realization is the customer. "Lean production" proposed that the product value should be determined by the customer, and required to examine the enterprise's product design and production and operation process from the customer's perspective, and identify value-added activities and various wastes in the value stream. "Tianxin" has established 48 sales subsidiaries (offices) and after-sales service centers in all provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, built a fast and flexible sales network that radiates across the country, provided all-round technical support and 24-hour point-to-point quick service without interruption for the installation, commissioning and use of products, and implemented an intelligent after-sales service information system to achieve rapid response to user needs and rapid processing of market information

"taking advantage of the convenience of sales information network channels, we not only provide customers with high-quality products of multiple varieties and small batches at any time, but also creatively never receive new materials" principle to provide customers with intimate one-stop service, constantly improve product value-added business, so that customers really have no worries. " Fan Shusha said excitedly that "Tianxin" is gradually changing its role from a product supplier to a product service provider, providing users with natural gas application system solutions

looking forward to the future, fan Shusha said that with the completion of the first and second lines of the west to east gas transmission project and the cooperation of China Russia, China Myanmar and China Kazakhstan long-distance transmission pipelines, China's natural gas market has broad prospects in the next few years. "Tianxin" will continue to improve product and service quality, improve product and service standards, and further expand domestic and international markets

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