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Experts from the General Academy of Mechanical Sciences went to Neijiang to investigate

that will not cause false structures. Neijiang, Sichuan, April 16 (Liu Shibin, Yan Tao) a few days ago, Li Yaxin, member of the national manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee and former president of the general Academy of Mechanical Sciences, led an expert group to Neijiang to investigate. Ma Bo, Secretary of Neijiang municipal Party committee, Yu Xianhe, deputy secretary of Neijiang municipal Party committee, Fu Dawei, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and vice mayor, Jiang Xuedong, vice mayor and other leaders accompanied the investigation or meeting in sections

the expert group has successively gone deep into nine enterprises in Neijiang, including jinradium casting, farad casting, Shanchuan precision welded pipe, China Railway Longchang, Phoenix Group, Jinhong crankshaft, Qinglong machine tool, Hongqiang machine tool, Donglin mine, and through workshops, listening to introductions, reading materials, discussion and exchange, they have a detailed understanding of the enterprise's production technology, process, equipment, management, the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased, the market and so on, And according to the various problems and demands put forward by the enterprise, check the pulse one by one, and give advice to solve the difficulties

during the visit to the enterprise, Li Xinya put forward suggestions on the problems of poor collapsibility and poor recycling performance of golden radium casting company in the recycling and reuse of used sodium silicate sand; The solution to the problem of metal flaw detection of welded products in longchangshan "Chuan Precision Welded Pipe Co., Ltd. is put forward. Longchang Shanchuan Precision Welded Pipe Co., Ltd. has reached a preliminary cooperation intention with Harbin Welding Research Institute Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the General Machinery Research Institute

on the morning of April 12, Li Xinya, member of the national manufacturing power construction strategic advisory committee and former president of the General Academy of Mechanical Sciences, Li Qin, chairman of the National Machinery Safety Standardization Technical Committee and former director of the China machinery productivity promotion center, upgraded the software in a timely manner. He also taught for more than 200 enterprise managers in the city as a lecturer in the special training session of the "industrial enterprise lecture"

During the investigation, the expert group also conducted research on Neijiang's promotion of regional tourism and Rural Revitalization

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