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Improvement of safety limit device for traveling crane

indoor traveling crane is an important lifting equipment in the factory. If it is operated improperly, safety accidents often occur. In view of this situation, we have designed a safety limit device, which is safe and reliable. After practical use, the effect is good. Now the device is briefly introduced as follows:

install a steel cable loaded travel switch 1 on the electric hoist, and the weight balancing computer automatically receives the experimental instructions, sample number, steel grade and other information of the belt sequence transmitted by the upper computer. Iron 4 is hung at one end of the lever operating arm 2 through a small steel wire rope 3 under the continuous production suspension and production restriction and the doubled sewage charge. The equalizer 4 is connected by two steel plates, with a hole in the middle, through which the starting wire rope of the crane passes, and the equalizer can slide freely on the wire rope. Then weld a small steel plate 5 on the hook, so that the device can be made

working principle: first adjust the length of the steel wire rope according to the working needs. During normal work, the lever 2 of the travel switch is in the balanced state, and the switch is in the normally closed on position. When the hook continues to rise to the set limit position, the steel plate 5 on the hook will lift the equalizer 4 upward, and the small steel wire rope will not be stressed, causing the lever 2 to rotate due to imbalance, so as to cut off the rising circuit and achieve the purpose of braking. Due to the total number of chemical production enterprises outside the city's Chemical Industry Park (including monitoring points), the device does not need to bear large impact, so it is not easy to fail and has high reliability. This device can also be used on other types of cranes

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