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New knowledge of customer service: three misunderstandings and five attributes

first, customer service is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

in modern commercial society, customer service has become a slogan, or a kind of fashion and fashion. Some enterprises are really serving, some enterprises are deceiving consumers, and some enterprises are confused about service and have little knowledge of it. But in recent years, in Chinese Mainland, customer service has become a slogan, which can explain at least two good things

one thing is that the concept of customer service has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Both business owners and consumers understand and attach importance to the extension of product value - the importance of service: for enterprises, if they want to sell products, market and brand well, they can't do without service; For consumers, the requirements for customer service content and level are getting higher and higher. We don't want good products and brands without good service; "Customers are God", "customers pay us", "customers are the God of wealth of our enterprise", "customers first, service orientation", "customers are always right", and so on. Which consumer can say that he is not warm after listening to some hot popular words

another thing shows that no matter whether your enterprise or customers understand the real customer service, everyone has agreed that it is impossible to do without customer service. Enterprises have to admit that consumers have rights in their hands, and whether things are good to sell is not up to your enterprise alone, but also to ask consumers whether they agree. The right relationship between customers and enterprises seems to be more and more unfavorable to enterprises, and the initiative of sales is firmly in the hands of consumers; For enterprises, in the competitive market environment, marketing is to discuss with customers and consumers that the mechanical properties and sliding characteristics of graphene can be used to make wear-resistant coatings, and strive to win the favor of consumers. Even monopolistic industries or enterprises, such as Microsoft and Sinohydro, will begin to advocate and emphasize service, because service is the general trend and the concept of service has penetrated into all fields. In a commercial sense, if there is no good service, once competitors appear, consumers will not hesitate to leave you

second, the real meaning of customer service

then, for different industries, different products, different customer groups, what is service? We believe that the truly valuable customer service in marketing refers to:

the seller actively provides the buyer with all free, added value and good customer relationship maintenance before, during and after the buyer purchases its own products or services. In terms of time, customer service includes pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services. In terms of price, customer service cannot be a cost factor in pricing. In terms of continuity, customer service can be short-term or long-term. The essence of customer service is that the seller takes all necessary measures to maintain a good business relationship with the buyer

therefore, we believe that:

1, real customer service must be free, and all services that have been included in the price have been transformed into a part of the product, which cannot constitute real customer service

1, customer service is not only a transfer of interests from the seller to the buyer, but also an investment behavior paid by real honest and sincere business emotion. The enterprise behavior of cheating and robbing consumers on either side and providing the so-called high-quality service workbench and pressing services on the other side does not constitute customer service

1, the core and soul of customer service is to maintain the short-term or long-term good business relationship between the seller and the buyer, so that the buyer can leave real and beautiful memories of the seller's business personality. Any false and immoral so-called service behavior cannot constitute customer service behavior

1, the essence of customer service is to convey a kind of love and gratitude to the buyer or consumers, and sincerely willing to pay more emotion and efforts for the buyer to better use products or services. Therefore, customer service is the most humanized part of commodity trading. Without emotional communication and exchange, there will be no exact occurrence of customer service

third, three misunderstandings of customer service

although the promotion of customer service is surging, many enterprises and consumers generally lack in-depth understanding of customer service. In practice, many enterprises unconsciously fall into the misunderstanding of misinterpreting customer service, enlarging customer service, and unlimited customer service:

misunderstanding 1, misinterpreting customer service: treating some components of products as services

some enterprises regard normal parts, packaging, installation, and quality assurance, such as three guarantees (return, replacement, repair), and other components of complete products as services to customers. In fact, these are not real services, but the necessary components of the whole product. Without these parts, the product will not be sold to consumers completely. For example, consumers can't install air conditioners themselves. Air conditioning products must include installation and debugging. Before the air conditioners are installed and operate normally, the basic sales process of the products has not been completed. Imagine: who will buy an air conditioner that won't work? As for quality assurance, it is an important part of the price that customers pay when buying goods. Or take air conditioners as an example, who will pay thousands of yuan to enterprises and voluntarily ask for and willingly buy back a low-quality product? The value of quality for consumers has also been reflected in the payment price. Quality is an important attribute of products and a part of products. Of course, it can't be regarded as service

Myth 2: enlarge customer service: treat enthusiasm "three companions" as service

in order to sell their products, some enterprises have made great efforts in "customer service": first, when a guest comes, a specially assigned person will pick it up, and the car is best to run, which is better if the police car can drive away; 2、 When the guests arrive, beautiful women and men will accompany them, eat, drink, and have fun from head to toe. In short, it's impossible to keep the guests entertained; 3、 If the guest is asleep, you may as well use some tricks. For end consumers, enterprises also devote their "service" enthusiasm: for example, medicine has high sports effectiveness, health care products companies are "considerate" to doctors, real estate sales companies hire beautiful men and women as salesmen, beer companies hire beautiful saleswomen, and so on. Beautiful and enthusiastic is a good thing, but the sense of discretion is unclear, which makes people wonder whether consumers buy the products of the enterprise or the "services" of the salesperson of the enterprise. Because this method is effective for some people at a certain time, these crooked ways have become the success secret of enterprise marketing. In fact, where is customer service? This is clearly another change, like bribery, or selling another illegal "product"

myth 3: unlimited customer service: treat meeting any requirements of customers as service

more enterprises really "take customers as God", "the needs of consumers are our sacred mission". As long as consumers have requirements, we should unconditionally meet them. These service concepts especially exist in many service industries that mainly provide labor services. Originally, it is understandable to meet customer service requirements, but it does not mean that the enterprise should meet any requirements of customers. For services that are not within the scope of services that the enterprise should provide, the enterprise has the right to treat customers politely and not provide services at the same time. Because services are costly and regulated by law. So, what are the services that enterprises should provide? First, the service must be legitimate, and second, the service does not exceed the scope that the enterprise can afford. The enterprise can't sell you a needle, and then deliver you and this needle to the door

we believe that only by deeply understanding the above-mentioned concept of real customer service, overcoming many cognitive barriers, and truly treating customers as a community of commercial interests living and dying with ourselves, can we embark on the right path of customer service, practice it, pay it sincerely, and win the love and affirmation of consumers with a pure heart

four, five elements of good customer service

so, what about good customer service? After years of research, we believe that excellent customer service meets the following five conditions, or has the following five basic attributes

1, emotional

good customer service measures or systems must be from the heart of the enterprise, sincere and willing. When providing customer service, enterprise sales and service personnel must really pay their feelings. If there is no real emotional customer service, there will be no customers who are really moved by the service. What a good customer service behavior and system can only be a form, which can not bring consumers or customers a beautiful and unforgettable feeling

2, appropriateness

appropriateness of customer service refers to two aspects. On the one hand, it is the appropriateness of customer service content and form, that is, the legitimacy of service content and methods. Customer service cannot break through the local laws and regulations at that time. Generally, we should try our best to avoid impacting the core traditional ethics at that time and place. On the other hand, it refers to the moderation of customer service volume and quality. Because enterprises provide any customer service with service costs, too high or too low customer service level is not a wise behavior of enterprises. Because any enterprise lives for commercial interests, learning from Lei Feng or not providing any services will not help maintain the long-term commercial interests of the enterprise

3, normative

normative refers to that when providing services to customers, enterprises must try to provide service personnel with unified, scientific, comprehensive, standardized and reasonable service behavior standards. The purpose of customer service is to maintain a good customer relationship, and the scientific, standardized and reasonable service of enterprises and enterprise service personnel is conducive to improving the service level of service personnel, ensuring the quality of many customer service activities, and achieving the fundamental purpose of enterprise customer service activities

4, continuity

and the continuity of customer service refers to the continuity of time, object, content and quality that enterprises must maintain when providing customer service. That is: not today's service, not tomorrow's service, good service this time, poor service next time, there is no continuity in customer service time; It is not good service for this customer, but poor service for the customer with the same conditions, so there is no continuity in the service object; This is the working principle and advantages of the mechanical performance testing machine. 1. The working principle of the mechanical performance testing machine. The components of the equipment include computer control system, force measuring mechanism, hydraulic system, workbench and sensor; Its working procedure also uses the hydraulic cylinder piston rod to approach the test data, and there is no continuity in content; It's not that today's service is good, but tomorrow's service is poor. This is because there is no continuity in service quality

5, efficiency

efficiency mainly refers to the speed and timeliness of providing customer service. For example, repairing air conditioners in summer: for services with the same content, there is a huge difference in service speed and timeliness between two hours and two days. Because for customers, if they repair it an hour earlier, they will enjoy cool service an hour earlier, and they will get more product benefits.

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