Improvement of the coupling of the hottest roller

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Improvement of roller coupling

the coupling on the roller is used for the connection between the engine and the transmission. In the early stage, another 6 test pieces should be taken for re inspection. We use the flexible coupling (see Figure 1), and the proportional electromagnet is used as the electro-mechanical converter. The coupling requirements of this connection structure: the half coupling is perforated and tapped on the part connected with the rubber; Pull out the spline hole matched with the output shaft of the main clutch of the diesel engine into the input shaft of the gearbox at each half coupling shaft. Moreover, the rubber block on it is subjected to different external forces from the beginning of assembly (not yet working). Its outer side is subject to tensile force and its inner side is subject to extrusion force. As time goes by, the rubber block will be tired and talented, and it is more likely to be tired and crack under the working state of the machine

for this reason, we choose the more advanced domestic tire coupling (national standard GB, see Figure 2). The advantages of this coupling are:

(1 Why does metal fatigue produce destructive effect? This is because the internal structure of the metal is actually uneven) the connection strength is high and the transmission torque is large. When the roller adopts 4135ak-3 diesel engine, its maximum transmission torque is 4787n · m, while the nominal torque of the tire coupling can reach 6300n · m, which greatly strengthens the connection performance of this part of 3y12/15 roller

(2) the requirement of installation accuracy is reduced. The coaxiality of the original universal cross joint or rubber connecting block is required to be 1.0mm, but it can be reduced to 2.5mm when using tire coupling

(3) the tire type coupling is also a flexible connection, which has an obvious protective effect on the engine and transmission when the machine is started and overloaded

(4) the original rubber block connection requires drilling and tapping on the coupling half; When the tire type coupling is used, only holes need to be punched on the half coupling without tapping. Because the metal nuts for connection are embedded in the rubber tire ring, and the flange size of the half coupling can also be reduced, and the connecting holes are reduced from the original 8 screw holes to 6 smooth holes; It not only saves materials, but also saves processing hours

since its adoption in 1996, according to the statistics of the after-sales service department, although the price of tire rings is more than twice that of rubber blocks, their service life can be increased by three times, and the quality of vacuum heat insulation panels is also far behind that of foreign countries. (end)

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