Best cost saving skills in selecting consumables

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There are skills to save costs and select consumables

nowadays, office life has become an integral part of people's life, and the most indispensable equipment for business office is the printer. The prices of printers in the market are different. Entry-level products with a hundred yuan, color printers with a thousand yuan or so, and high-end large printers with high prices provide enterprises with quite a wealth of choices. However, in the purchase of office equipment and office supplies, business owners often want to spend a small amount of money to do big things, and for employees, the most direct users, ease of use is the king

apart from its own performance and quality factors, consumables are the important factors affecting the role of the machine itself. It is understood that after many enterprise users buy Printers, when their original printer consumables are used up, purchasing consumables again has become a problem in front of users. There are three reasons why this is a difficult problem:

first, the price of original consumables is generally high. The prices of some entry-level printers in the market continue to decline, and users have little pressure on the cost of purchasing printers, but consumables are a daily necessary consumables, and their prices are always rock solid. Compared with the printer itself, users are easily out of balance psychologically. Second, fake consumables are shoddy. Some criminals in the market use the psychology of enterprise users' cost control to deceive consumers with fake consumables. If users can't identify the authenticity of consumables, they are easy to be deceived. If they buy fake consumables, the printing quality can't be guaranteed, and the interests of users are damaged. Third, there are loopholes in the purchase. Affected by price factors and the requirements of cost controlled semi-automatic impact testing machine and full-automatic impact testing mechanism, enterprise users often choose general consumables with relatively low prices

in fact, it is very important to equip the original consumables if you want the printer to run more smoothly, have a longer service life and have a better printing effect. The sales price of original consumables seems to have no advantage, but after careful calculation, you will find that the use cost of original consumables is still relatively low. Take three star printer consumables with a variety of hand feel and surface structure for selection as an example: first, the phenomenon of paper jam and powder leakage using original consumables hardly exists, which protects the printer to the greatest extent and greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the printer in the future; Secondly, the printing quality is clearer. With the unique ink saving function of Samsung printing, it can save about 30% of the amount of toner, which is not possible with just fake consumables. Thirdly, Samsung consumables products are generally equipped with two types of consumables for users to choose, one is standard capacity consumables, the other is high-capacity consumables. The price advantage of consumables with standard capacity is relatively prominent. Users can choose according to their economic ability. If it is economical, easy to use and inexpensive, fake consumables cannot be compared with original genuine consumables in this regard

if the above instructions have dispelled your concerns about price factors, you are ready to purchase original consumables through formal channels. Then, I'd like to introduce in detail the key points of purchasing genuine consumables. First of all, when purchasing consumables, we should observe the anti-counterfeiting label of the product, that is, we should check the color change of the label film. Take Samsung printer consumables as an example. From different perspectives, the label film will show different colors. When looking directly at the label, there is no color; When the viewing angle becomes 60 degrees, the label turns blue-green. Also, you can check the color change of the raised Samsung logo. When viewed from different angles, the color of the relief font will change between golden red and blue; It can also be tested by feeling the texture of the embossed font. Secondly, open the package to check whether the consumables inside have powder leakage and stains. If there is powder leakage or some stains, it is not the original consumables, but the fake consumables filled with powder. In addition, if you are not sure whether the products sold in the store are genuine Samsung consumables, you can call Samsung sales recommendations, and the customer service staff will recommend the original consumables for each caller to establish a sales address, which is convenient for users to purchase at any time

here, it is still necessary to remind consumers that fake consumables will not only cause certain damage to the printer itself, but also the printing quality can not be guaranteed, which makes consumers frustrated both in economy and time. Fortunately, now many printer manufacturers like Samsung are actively and continuously working to safeguard the interests of consumers and make greater efforts to strengthen the anti-counterfeiting logo of original products to follow us to understand the knowledge of experimental machines. This is also the mission and responsibility of printer manufacturers. We expect more enterprises to add impact and join this cause in each of the three mutually perpendicular directions

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