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On May 16, 2013, on the third day of the opening of the Eighth China Print Exhibition, Mr. Zhou Shaoxiang, general manager of Macao Huahui Printing Co., Ltd. and President of the Macao printing industry chamber of Commerce, visited the Heidelberg exhibition site and signed a contract to introduce Bora paper unloader system and printing materials worth more than 3.3 million Hong Kong dollars, It will push forward the happy cooperation process of more than 30 years of microcomputer full-automatic control between the two sides again

figure note: Zhou Shaoxiang, general manager of Macau Huahui Printing Co., Ltd. (fourth from the left), cailiancheng, CEO of Heidelberg China (fourth from the right), Chen Zhenquan, general manager of Heidelberg Hong Kong Representative Office (third from the left), and Zhan Huiguang, director of Heidelberg China Post Press products (third from the right), were at the signing site

Aomen Huahui Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huahui) was established as early as 1979, From the initial four employees of 30 square meters, the cooperation journey with Heidelberg has been started. The first equipment introduced is Heidelberg Indra GTO 46. Today, Huahui printing is one of the largest printing plants in Macao and the representative of high-quality brands in Macao's printing industry. In decades of development, Huahui has been inseparable from Heidelberg. At present, the company has several four and eight open printing machines, with an annual output value of more than 50 million yuan

in recent years, with the great difference between Macao Expo and the practical working conditions of the transmission belt, the sudden rise of the color industry, tourism and retail industry has stimulated people's demand for printed materials, and the development potential of printing enterprises is huge. Macao Huahui introduced the Bora paper unloader system to solve the problem of the shortage of post press workers. By using highly automated post press equipment, it can greatly improve the post press production efficiency and help reduce the turnover rate of personnel. This contract also includes orders for printing materials of more than HK $3 million. This is actually a customized solution that began this year. Heidelberg has specially provided a cooperation plan including high-efficiency plate punching machine and series of plates for the actual production of Huahui in Macao, which has effectively helped Huahui achieve efficient and smooth production in the plate making process and achieve win-win cooperation

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