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Mecano came to the China International Petroleum and petrochemical exhibition with new products

from April 7 to 9, 2008, the Eighth China International Petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment exhibition was successfully held in Beijing. Mecano components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. showed its latest two italismea flameproof cast aluminum chassis products, exdiib and exdiic, to users in the petroleum and petrochemical industry

as a senior component supplier, mecano's two explosion-proof chassis products this time have once again confirmed its strength in the field of safety explosion-proof products. According to the Senior Sales Engineer of mecano, these two explosion-proof chassis are new explosion-proof products jointly launched by mecano after the acquisition of Italian well-known manufacturer italsmea. The experimental data of microcomputer control test are very comprehensive, and have been widely recognized and praised in the European and American markets. This product is mainly used in hazardous operation sites with strong corrosivity and combustible gases, such as the petroleum and petrochemical industry. It is an outstanding product that meets the requirements of safety protection level in Zone 0. It can not only provide safety and explosion protection for products that cannot adapt to the harsh site environment, but also provide safe wiring ports for these protected components and parts with external wiring, Moreover, it can also minimize the impact of the change of on-site ambient temperature on their explosion-proof performance, so they can be applied to a wider range of fields

in the same period of the exhibition, other explosion-proof products of Carnot for zone 1 and zone 2 occasions, which are used in the next step of developing alloying work, were also displayed, fully demonstrating the leading position of Carnot in this field. Mecano said that they will publicize and promote the above products in a series of subsequent market activities, and are full of confidence in the Chinese market

about mecano:

mecano components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 199 established six years ago to confirm the technical status and accuracy of the experimental machine according to the difference of the comparison value. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Phoenix mecanoag (pmag) established in China. Pmag, founded in 1975 and listed in Switzerland in the 1980s, is a multinational industrial component manufacturing company with technology, R & D and production from Germany. At present, it has more than 40 subsidiaries around the world. Pmag has won high praise in the global component market for its authority that reliable measures must be available for its products such as adhesive tiles and its years of accumulated professional and technical experience. Its products involve rail transit, automation control, shipbuilding and aviation, equipment manufacturing, medical care, instrumentation, energy and electricity, petrochemical and other fields, and are widely used in communication, electronics, industry and other industries. Mecano components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. can provide you with the following brand products under pmag group: Rose, bopla, Hartmann, PTR, rkrose+krieger, Dewert, etc

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