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Ma Yun talks about the strategy of small and medium-sized enterprises

news on March 6, Beijing time, "what is the strategy of small and medium-sized enterprises? First of all, it should be to live!" Yesterday afternoon, Jack Ma appeared at the Alibaba Business Forum of InterContinental Hotel in overseas Chinese town, Shenzhen, and suggested how small and medium-sized enterprises in the subprime mortgage crisis should get out of trouble. This is Jack Ma's first public appearance after Alibaba's listing. His appearance crowded more than 3000 people into the venue, which was originally planned to have 1200 people

at 2:00 p.m. yesterday, Alibaba Business Forum was held in Shenzhen, which was the first stop of the group's CEO Jack Ma's new year across the country. It was also Jack Ma's first public appearance after Alibaba's listing in Hong Kong last year. His arrival attracted more than 3000 heads of small and medium-sized enterprises and businessmen in southern China, far exceeding the reservation of 1200 people. Ma Yun did not live up to the expectations of Da that he did not increase the market share of the enterprise by "cutting corners". In his speech, he was still eloquent, passionate and humorous, revealing many listing details that he had never talked about

Ma Yun's speech in Shenzhen mainly focused on how small and medium-sized enterprises extricate themselves from difficulties in the subprime mortgage crisis and the sharing of their own experience in the process of entrepreneurship

in the current uncertain foreign trade prospects caused by the appreciation of the RMB and the confused situation faced by the changing situation of e-commerce, foreign trade enterprises and businesses in Shenzhen and even the Pearl River Delta region are very likely to block valves and oil circuits, hoping to get expert advice and find a practical solution to all cosmetics and wine packaging, while Ma Yun deduced his understanding and interpretation of this confusion with his entrepreneurial experience and experience

"what do you want to do, what should you do and how long you work? Three questions should be made clear first." He believes that the strategy of small and medium-sized enterprises is to survive first and succeed in the end. The current crisis should be divided into two aspects: to build an internationally advanced magnetic material industry base, there is "danger" and "opportunity"

referring to the recent sharp decline in Alibaba's stock, he said that neither he nor Alibaba is an enterprise that lives for stocks, so now the stock price has nothing to do with him. He admitted that Alibaba wants investors rather than speculators

"he felt that he had said too much in the past, so now he should say less and do more." Yesterday, Wang Shuai, vice president of public relations of Alibaba group, said. He revealed that Ma Yun's action of "doing more" this year is to meet and communicate with customers as much as possible, so he will participate in many forums. In fact, he indirectly answered some questions of the outside world and the media during his speech. Moreover, this trip to Shenzhen is not directly related to Secretary Wang Yang's visit to Alibaba a month ago

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