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Ma Yun and others attended the 2018 World Zheshang Shanghai forum! Led researcher Chen Bishou was awarded the "most ingenuity Award"

great dreams are not waiting and shouting,

they are spelled out and worked out

on January 3, the third day of the 2019 lunar new year, the "2018 World Zhejiang merchants Shanghai Forum and the 10th member congress of Shanghai Zhejiang chamber of Commerce" to pay tribute to the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, hosted by Zhejiang Merchants Association and Shanghai Zhejiang chamber of Commerce, was grandly held in Shanghai International Convention Center

representatives of outstanding Zhejiang entrepreneurs, experts and scholars, Ma Yun, Guo Guangchang, Zheng Yonggang, Nan Cunhui, Li Shufu, Chen Dongsheng, Shen Guojun, Jiang nanchun, Zhou Chengjian, Zhu Yunlai, Fan Gang, etc., political leaders of Shanghai and Zhejiang, officials of consulates in Shanghai, presidents of Zhejiang chambers of commerce nationwide and overseas, presidents of chambers of Commerce in Shanghai nationwide, guests from all walks of life in finance, law, medical treatment, education and media representatives, Nearly 2000 representatives from the Council of Zhejiang chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and its members attended the meeting to pay tribute to the great achievements of the four decades of reform and opening up, and to discuss and analyze the future trends

we should focus on the Zhejiang businessmen veterans who stick to the industry,

we should focus on the Zhejiang businessmen cutting-edge who dare to try new economy and new industries,

we should focus on the Zhejiang businessmen craftsmen who are bent on doing scientific research and products

-- oath of the 10th Council of Shanghai Zhejiang chamber of commerce

/tribute to ingenuity

at the award ceremony on that day, Mr. Chen Bishou, founder and chairman of Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd., won the most ingenuity award specially issued by the organizing committee, In recognition of his spirit and achievements in the industrial field, he started his business at the age of 50. For 26 years, he has consistently adhered to scientific and technological innovation, created extraordinary value, and built a respected global provider of professional, lighting and system integration solutions

Chen Bishou, chairman of Shanghai Sansi, won the "most ingenuity Award"

the organizing committee commented on him as: don't worry about anything else, and devote all your energy to scientific research and development - don't ask Xidong's LED researcher

Jack Ma, President of Zhejiang Merchants Association and chairman of Alibaba group, said: in the current macro environment, entrepreneurs should not always talk about macro "big truth", but also think about their own small truth. Every enterprise should pay attention to its customers, its products, technology and organization, and doing its own thing well is the foundation of the enterprise

guoguangchang, chairman of the ninth board of directors and chairman of Fosun Group, commented that we should settle down to make products and brands... Do the right things, do the slow things, and do what the society needs us to do

Wang junjin, the new president and chairman of Junyao group, and the representatives of the 10th Council once again mentioned the "spirit of ingenuity" in the oath: we should focus on the veterans of Zhejiang merchants who adhere to the industry and the cutting-edge Zhejiang merchants who dare to try new economy and new industries. From today on, for the Chinese dream, "Shouzheng creation, but it has not changed the fundamental problem of flammable or combustible board core, and forge ahead"

on site of the oath ceremony

Chen Ming, deputy general manager of Shanghai Sansi (first from the left), made a joint oath: we should focus on Zhejiang businessmen and craftsmen who are dedicated to scientific research and products

we should be diligent, bear hardships and dare to be the first in the world

at the same time, we need to be more determined and understand that we should be stable and far-reaching.

in the future, we must polish our products to the extreme and make the brand power more influential

-- Guo Guangchang, chairman of the ninth Council and chairman of Fosun Group, said in his speech that

/Xing Wen Zhiyuan

Chen Bishou, a representative of Zhejiang merchants, was 50 years old when he founded Shanghai Sansi in February 1993, but he was already the director and researcher of Shanghai Shipbuilding Research Institute of the Ministry of transport, which can be said to be successful. As early as 1980, Chen Bishou went to Konstanz University in Germany as a visiting scholar, majoring in computer control system, and became one of the first batch of talents studying abroad in China after the reform and opening up; In 1990, he became one of the first special allowance experts of the State Council

26 years later, you will find that the three keywords "3C (computer, control and communication)" selected at the beginning still have a high degree of consistency with the professional fields that Sansi is now engaged in: hardware and systems - LED display, LED lighting and system integration. For more than 20 years, the word "ingenuity" is the most appropriate and true summary of the 26 year led technological innovation path of Shanghai Sansi and him

for 26 years, Shanghai Sansi has been following the road of "science → industry → trade". Science is technology, which is the leader, the direction and the foundation of Sansi. From a few R & D personnel in the early days of its establishment to a large scientific research team with more than 400 people "one academy and 13 Institutes", covering computer software and hardware, electronic communication, automatic control, photoelectric display and lighting, mechanical structure and other multidisciplinary fields; It has successively undertaken the scientific research leading work of national key topics such as the 11th five year plan, the 12th Five Year 863 plan, the 12th Five year science and technology support plan, and the 13th five year key R & D plan; Obtained 236 patents at home and abroad, and participated in the formulation of 40 national and industrial standards; It has won the honorary titles of "Shanghai brand", the first prize of Shanghai Scientific and technological progress, the gold medal of Shanghai quality, Shanghai Science and technology giant enterprise, Shanghai innovative enterprise, China's leading intelligent enterprise, etc; The products have been applied to more than 10000 large-scale landmark projects at home and abroad, such as the Times Square in New York, the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, the Shanghai International Expo, the China aerospace flight control and command center, the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, the opening and closing ceremony of the Shanghai WorldExpo, the G20 summit in Hangzhou, etc

with such a pragmatic attitude, innovative principles and craftsmanship spirit, Shanghai Sansi has been at the forefront of the industry and market, and its comprehensive technology has reached the international advanced level

From today on,

the 10th Council of Shanghai Zhejiang chamber of Commerce,

will take over the glory and dream of leading and serving the merchants in Shanghai and Zhejiang,

remember the entrustment of General Secretary Xi,

never forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind,

start from the heart towards the great cause of the century old chamber of Commerce

-- oath of the 10th Council of Shanghai Zhejiang chamber of Commerce

/never forget the original intention

at the 2016 world Zhejiang chamber of Commerce Conference and the 30th anniversary of the founding of Shanghai Zhejiang chamber of Commerce, Mr. Chen Bishou won the 30-year 30 person Excellence Award of Shanghai Zhejiang chamber of Commerce, in recognition of his outstanding achievements over the years in personally adhering to the business path of Zhejiang merchants, carrying forward the spirit of Zhejiang merchants, leading Shanghai to constantly forge ahead and bravely innovate

Mr. Chen Bishou once won the "30 years and 30 people Excellence Award"

he said, "no matter how big the enterprise is, it must do a good job in products in a down-to-earth manner, so that consumers can really enjoy the benefits it brings"

in Shanghai, Chen Bishou established eight character values: integrity, innovation, truth-seeking, moderation. Not only did he take the lead in setting an example, but all Sansi people strictly followed it and implemented it into their actual work and life, and finally formed a unique corporate culture of Sansi - making customers, partners, employees and shareholders proud of Sansi and proud of using its products. At present, senior employees with more than ten years of service account for a large proportion of the national leaders in quality and performance, and the brain drain is extremely low

"no matter how far a person goes, he should always be grateful."

in 2008, Chen Bishou invested and founded Pujiang Sansi Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang. At present, it has become an extremely important branch of Shanghai Sansi's four major R & D and production bases. By the end of 2018, Pujiang Sansi had two ceramic tunnel kilns, seven ceramic production lines, four LED bulb lamp production lines, and a number of street lamp and tunnel lamp production lines. With an annual output of 500000 sets of ceramic heat dissipation modules and 1.8 million LED bulb lamps, 500000 street lamps and tunnel lamps, it has gradually developed into a large-scale LED production base. Pujiang Sansi has created a large number of jobs for the people in his hometown, and has become a major taxpayer in Pujiang County for many years, contributing to the economic development of Pujiang

although he is more than 75 years old, he still goes to and from work like all employees every day. He personally focuses on the direction of product research and development and cares about product quality, which is to always adhere to the LED career in his heart

don't forget your original intention, you can always get it

keep right, innovate and forge ahead

Chen Bishou

chairman of Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd.

researcher The first batch of special allowance experts of the State Council

2018 "most ingenuity Award"

2016 30-year 30 person Excellence Award

Bauhinia Flower Cup Outstanding Entrepreneur Award

optimize and upgrade the vitality of the new material industry exhibition Xu Guangqi science and Technology Gold Award

Chinese private science and technology entrepreneurs

Shanghai excellent professional and technical talents

their research results have won the second prize of national science and technology progress award,

the second prize of science and technology progress award of the Ministry of communications

first prize of Shanghai Scientific and technological progress, first prize of new products

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