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Good "core" with beautiful scenery, Cummins promotes the new upgrading of the tourism mode of New Caledonia

good "core" with beautiful scenery, Cummins promotes the new upgrading of the tourism mode of New Caledonia

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recently, 78 Golden Dragon buses equipped with Cummins engines came to New Caledonia (hereinafter referred to as "New Caledonia") and officially put into operation in Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia, and the surrounding areas. This delivery is of great strategic significance to the construction of public transport and tourism in Xinjiang

78 Golden Dragon luxury buses equipped with Cummins engines are launched in the capital of New Caledonia.

Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia, is an overseas territory of France in the southwest Pacific Ocean. With a high degree of modernization, it also reveals the romantic and noble temperament of the French everywhere. It is a must see place for tourism

of course, it may be relatively strange to Chinese tourists, but in fact, its light is no less than the popular islands in the hearts of the Chinese people, such as Maldives and Bali. Just listening to its nickname "French backyard" makes people fantasize. In addition, researchers at Michigan State University have developed a new type of adhesive testing machine, which is called "the center of the Pacific Ocean" and "the paradise at the end of the world in recent years"

behind the high appearance is a "hard core"

the appearance of the Golden Dragon Bus exported to xinca is mainly blue and white, symbolizing the blue sea and the white beach respectively, echoing the island style of xinca. Under the appearance of "high appearance value", it is the essence of its high quality

in order to better play the important role of public transport in improving travel quality and promoting tourism development, the local government has put forward extremely high requirements for lubricating the rotating part of public transport buses. According to the urban characteristics of Xinjiang, the whole vehicle complies with the latest EU regulations. Under the high standards of vehicle dynamics, attendance and comfort, strict requirements are put forward for the reliability and guarantee service of the engine

in order to meet the needs of customers, all 78 Jinlong buses delivered in this batch are equipped with Cummins isb6.7 engines, which are Euro 6 phase C products. Cummins isb6.7 engine has the advantages of abundant power, low failure rate, low fuel consumption and small volume. Its reliability and durability have been fully verified and widely recognized all over the world

Cummins isb6.7l fully electronically controlled engine

Cummins tailored its bus travel solutions according to the actual road conditions of xinka, such as many slopes, bends and narrow roads, as well as the tropical and marine climate

Cummins engine is not afraid of the challenges of harsh application environment, and can bring better riding experience to passengers while ensuring vehicle attendance. With advanced electronic control integration system and super large capacity electronic control module, it ensures that the engine maintains the best working state during operation, and maintains high efficiency, fuel saving and low emission under different load conditions. At the same time, it has self-protection and intelligent diagnosis functions such as anti vibration, anti overheating, anti overload, and excellent reliability and durability

the high reliability and low failure rate of Cummins engine greatly meet the operation needs of local bus lines. According to the local actual situation, in the use of products, relying on the high-pressure common rail fuel system with high efficiency and fuel saving, the injection pressure is higher, up to 1800bar, the injection timing and injection quantity are controlled more accurately, the combustion is more sufficient, the economic fuel consumption area is wide, the fuel economy is greatly improved, the low-speed performance is further improved, and the noise reduction and cold start performance are better

Cummins B series diesel engine is a mature model that has been tested for a long time. The number of B series engines in the world has exceeded 4000000, and it is widely used in tourism, public transportation, trucks and municipal vehicles. Since the isb6.7 Euro 6 engine was put into operation in 2012, it has always been the first to meet the requirements of Euro 6 OBD at all stages

there is no doubt that Cummins ISB engine has become a "benchmark" among products of the same level in the industry. With the increasingly stringent emission regulations, ISB has become the preferred power of the world's mainstream passenger cars with its stable and reliable product platform and sustainable technological development advantages. As these buses are put into use, the local public transport service level will reach a new level

work together to promote a new leap in the overseas market

Cummins, as a leading power solution provider in the world, is not only providing a power machine, but also helping users and vehicle manufacturers obtain power solutions that are more suitable for operational needs and cost-effective throughout the life cycle based on the technical architecture

Cummins has maintained close cooperation with domestic first-class vehicle manufacturers such as Jinlong bus for a long time. Cummins cooperates with the vehicle manufacturer in every aspect, from vehicle matching, vehicle production, to sales and after-sales service. In terms of overseas market expansion, the cooperation between Cummins and Jinlong bus includes not only the matching of engines, but also the support of service points, the training of service personnel, the provision of spare parts and the strengthening of capabilities

since New Caledonia is the first time to use Euro 6 engine, since Jinlong bus confirmed to win the bid for this project in 2018, Cummins China, the U.S. headquarters, Europe and Cummins France have held many meetings to support local Cummins to make service preparations, including online training of service personnel and then training in France, parts resources and key customer support programs, It greatly relieves customers' worries

Cummins and Jinlong bus have always adhered to the global business strategy, and both are international enterprises with good reputation and popularity worldwide. Over the years, Golden Dragon Bus has "cut through thorns and thorns" in the overseas market, and Cummins engine has made great contributions. Today, 78 Golden Dragon buses equipped with Cummins engines have been delivered in batches again, and the two sides work together to provide a safer and more reliable driving force for the development of public transport and local tourism in Xinjiang

for the future multi energy application and intelligent technology development, Cummins will provide customers with better power solutions with the world's leading technology, and help Chinese buses continue to serve better travel around the world with high technology content, high added value and efficient services

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