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Mabian: transformer "small for large" to ease the tension of power consumption in winter

transformer "small for large" to ease the tension of power consumption in winter

Leshan, Sichuan, January 12 (Liu Lu) "dispatch and control center, I am Xu Ying in the operation time of the substation operation and maintenance team. Now it is 10:15 to reply to you, and we have transferred the 35kV Qiaoba substation. We have a large customer group support station. No. 1 main transformer has changed from operation to maintenance..."

"Today's task is to replace the No. 1 main transformer of the 35 kV Qiaoba substation, and the working range is within the fence. The crane must pay attention to the solid foundation, and the transformer can be lifted only when it is safe and reliable; during the operation, it is necessary to prevent falling from height, electric shock and injury, etc. in fact, does the family know today's work content?"


"start work."

on January 11, the warm winter sun, which had not been seen for a long time, spread all over the earth, and people went out of their homes to bask in the sun. However, the 35 kV Qiaoba substation in Fuba Township, Mabian Yi Autonomous County is a tense and busy scene. More than ten power supply employees of guomabian county power supply company perform their respective duties and are carrying out various work in an orderly manner, such as power outage, power inspection, disassembly of main transformer, hoisting of transformer, etc. Their task today is to dismantle the main transformer with the original capacity of 2500 KVA in the station and replace it with a transformer with 3150 KVA to meet the increasing power load since the beginning of winter

it is reported that the 35 kV Qiaoba substation is responsible for the power supply of more than 31000 people and small and medium-sized processing enterprises in Qiaoba Township, Minzhu Township and laoheba township of Mabian Yi Autonomous County. We should also further investigate the combustion performance of thermal insulation materials in real fires. With the continuous improvement of rural living standards and a large number of migrant workers returning home, rural power consumption is rising. In particular, the recent round of cold wave has led to the overload operation of the main transformer of the station, which can no longer meet the power needs of the masses, and there are also major potential safety hazards

in order to effectively alleviate the shortage of electricity in winter, improve the quality of power supply and service level of power supply, and meet the people's production and living electricity during the Spring Festival, guomabian county power supply company attaches great importance to it. The operation and maintenance department quickly formulates the capacity increase scheme of the main transformer, organizes technicians to conduct on-site investigation, and the marketing, safety supervision, regulation and control departments cooperate to formulate a detailed capacity increase scheme. All preparations for the replacement of the main transformer were completed in only two days, This includes notifying users

"whose land is this? The crane is too large, and the pile head may be pressed to a part."

"I, I, it doesn't matter. Just occupy it. You need a hoe. No, I'll help you get one out right away." As soon as a man in his 60s had finished speaking, he turned back to the house

"now every household has so many appliances, such as water heaters and electric ovens. How can they afford them? It can only be blamed that now the living conditions are good, and everyone wants to use electricity, which is convenient and clean"

above the Qiaoba substation is the new residence of immigrants. Many villagers are paying attention to when they can call. Watching the power supply staff busy in order to solve the difficulties of using electricity, most of the people have also accelerated the transformation of new achievements

with the support of the masses and the careful operation of the staff, the whole hoisting process is very smooth and stable

"don't worry, it's the final finishing work now, and you can call soon." Wen Yunchang, director of Qiaoba power supply station, breathed a sigh of relief when the most arduous lifting work was completed. After the capacity increase of the transformer, Qiaoba station can basically bear the power load of three towns after the surge. After the 35 kV democratic substation is put into operation in May this year, the power supply pressure of the station will be completely relieved

13:27, at the command of the dispatcher, the Substation Operator closed the 501 switch on the 35kV side of No. 1 main transformer, charged the No. 1 main transformer, and the charging was normal and put into operation smoothly

at 14:31, with the last 10kV buckwheat line returning to normal power supply, the four 10kV lines sent by the No. 1 main transformer all returned to power supply

after the transformer is "changed from small to large", the villagers in Qiaoba, Minzhu and laoheba townships can spend the holiday warmly and use electricity at ease

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