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Jack Ma returned to establish a new logistics company "rookie": it plans to reach in 24 hours

according to Phoenix Science and technology, the China intelligent logistics backbone (CSN) project led by Alibaba group was launched in Shenzhen, said he Guoliang. Alibaba and Yintai group, Fosun Group, Fuchun group, SF express and other logistics enterprises formed a new company, with Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba board of directors as the chairman of the company, And named the company rookie

it is understood that all the registration procedures of newly established companies have been completed, and the business has been promoted. At the same time, more than a dozen cities have started. Ma Yun served as the chairman of the new company, while Shen Guojun, chairman of Yintai group, served as the CEO of the new company. Other participating logistics enterprises were shareholders of the new company

Jack Ma said that the investment amount of CSN phase I is 100billion yuan. The project is led by Alibaba group. The first phase is 100billion yuan. Zhang Jianping, Secretary of the Party committee of Meilan group, believes that the investment of 200billion yuan in the second phase is an ideal project with a large number of subjects. It will take about ten years to complete. Thank you for the trust of logistics partners. At the same time, Jack Ma once again stressed that Alibaba will not do logistics. If we can't do logistics well, we won't do it

csn should build a logistics and warehousing base network nationwide, and open it to manufacturers, e-commerce, express logistics companies and third-party service companies. It is planned to support the distribution of online retail sales of 30billion yuan per day, and orders can be reached within 24 hours

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