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Ma Yun's comeback at the end of the month wants to create logistics. Alibaba gambles that the country will reach one day.

pulls private express giants into the partnership and gambles that the country will "reach one day"

"everything is ready, only the east wind is owed." Ma Yun's "big logistics" plan is about to be solved. According to an insider, Alibaba Group will launch the China smart backbone (hereinafter referred to as "CSN") on May 28. In the view of express industry executives, CSN, led by Alibaba group, has attracted the participation of giants such as "four connections and one arrival" and SF express. The gradual implementation of the logistics "Ali" plan not only symbolizes the comeback of Jack Ma, but also subverts the overall pattern of the domestic express industry

according to Beijing business daily, Alibaba Group will establish a new company with Yintai group, Fosun Group, Fuchun group, SF express and "four connections and one arrival". The investment of CSN phase I is 100billion yuan. The project is led by Alibaba group. Ma Yun, who has just "retired", plans to serve as chairman, and Shen Guojun, chairman of Yintai group, plans to serve as CEO. In the future, CSN plans to support an average daily retail sales distribution of 30billion yuan (about 10trillion yuan a year). The "big logistics" system will deliver these orders within 24 hours

in fact, Alibaba group started the planning of this project as early as two years ago. In January 2011, Alibaba Group announced that it would build an open and shared logistics system ecosystem. At that time, the strategic concept of CSN had taken shape. According to reports, CSN is not a logistics base in the traditional physical sense, but a nationwide network of logistics and warehousing bases, which are open to manufacturers, e-commerce, express logistics companies, and third-party service companies

in the view of the industry, the CSN led by Alibaba Group will reshape the pattern of China's express logistics industry. At present, despite the rapid development of the express industry, the output of crude steel, pig iron and steel in China in January and June 2017 was 419.75 million tons, 362.56 million tons and 551.55 million tons respectively, but it still cannot fully meet the huge demand generated by e-commerce. In this case, the characteristic point of "less peripheral circuits per large promotional Festival" is frequent delivery delays and warehouse bursts. Therefore, online retail needs a logistics system with larger scale and higher efficiency. Last year, tmall under Alibaba Group has signed strategic cooperation agreements with 9 express companies such as SF express, and has made a preliminary attempt to this model. Although the end distribution links in some regions have exploded, the distribution efficiency has improved significantly during the "double 11" period last year

the express industry mostly supports the future of CSN. The person in charge of a large express delivery enterprise believes that Alibaba Group's huge investment in leading CSN shows the bright prospects of domestic e-commerce enterprises and express delivery enterprises. The person in charge said that at present, the domestic e-commerce and express delivery industry are in a period of rapid development, but it is a relatively early stage. "In particular, the express delivery industry has the current situation of many and wide enterprises, but the service level and profit margin are low". CSN hopes to use the power of upstream and downstream industrial chains to build a high-end distribution network and drive the development level of the entire express industry

however, the industry is worried about the future of CSN. Some experts said that according to the assumption of CSN, how can any pressure testing machine in China be better used? It can be reached within 24 hours in a region. However, the current express delivery price cannot be reached, "Taking the 24-hour delivery nationwide as the standard, it needs air transportation to achieve it, which means that the test requirements of its universal material testing machine and the distribution price will be close to the current price of SF express. However, at present, the pricing of 'four links and one arrival' is far from that of SF express. If the express cost increases significantly after the CNS is launched, it is a big question whether consumers will choose 'four links and one arrival'"

moreover, in the view of the person in charge of a well-known express enterprise, although express enterprises such as "four connections and one arrival" and SF express have entered CSN, this alliance may not be reliable in the face of practical interests: "how to allocate the distribution volume of express enterprises on the same platform? Who is allowed to distribute in remote areas?" These problems may only be solved step by step through practice

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