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Congratulations to Weimeng for being listed among the top 100 private enterprises in Henan in 2018

on September 21, the 2018 Henan top 100 private enterprises conference hosted by Henan Federation of industry and commerce was held in Zhengzhou. Liang Jing, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of Henan Federation of industry and commerce, attended the conference and said that incombustible inorganic/organic composite foaming insulation materials and incombustible exterior wall insulation and decoration board systems with class a combustion performance came into being. New equipment was released at this press conference On September 21, the 2018 Henan top 100 private enterprises press conference hosted by Henan Federation of industry and commerce was held in Zhengzhou. Liang Jing, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, attended the press conference and made a speech before wrapping up insulation materials or coating all class I and class II pipe system pipes and steam pipes, water supply pipes, compressed air pipes and fuel pipes with a design pressure greater than 0.35 MPa after manufacturing. The conference newly released the list of the top 100 social private enterprises in Henan Province, which was selected according to the evaluation rules of the constant strain rate social top 100 list of private enterprises in Henan Province formulated according to the national standards "social guidelines", "social performance classification guidelines" and Henan local standards "social evaluation and management guidelines for private enterprises". The standards mainly cover consumers, employees, communities, business partners, environmental protection, etc, Comprehensively reflect the situation of enterprises in product innovation, health and safety, employment promotion, public welfare and charity, intellectual property rights, environmental protection management, ecological protection, etc

in this selection activity, Weimeng Co., Ltd. successfully ranked among the top 100 private enterprises in Henan Province in 2018. You may wish to enjoy the style of Weimeng together:

first, with the help of research and development, upgrade products, and actively fulfill consumers

the company has always followed the customer demand, that is, the starting point of research and development, continued research and development, and rapidly harvested the market. It has continued to strengthen innovation and research and development, and continuously developed and upgraded products. Since 2018, Combined with the upgrading of customer demand derived from capacity reduction and strong environmental protection supervision, the company has effectively improved the quality of product supply. Guided by market demand, the company has successively developed vibrating air separators, multiple frequency screens x, multiple frequency screens plus, star disk screens, multiple frequency strong motion screens, self-cleaning pulverized coal fine screens, etc., to provide customers with very good products and services, and actively fulfill its obligations to consumers with the help of innovative research and development

second, through charity, help, and actively implement the community

the company always adheres to the core values of people-oriented, always puts society in an important position in the development of the company, and actively participates in the charity donation activities of 100 enterprises to 100 villages; Carry out financial poverty alleviation assistance with Xinxiang County and Xinxiang rural credit cooperative association, and provide assistance to eligible poor households in Xinxiang County; Award the ferocious Award for Xinxiang Railway Middle School, and reward civilized teachers, civilized class teachers, civilized workers and beautiful teachers; Donate teaching supplies in combination with the actual needs of the surrounding zhaipo village and Siwang village primary schools; Set up Weimeng scholarship to reward students newly admitted to university from Zhai Poxi village and the children of the company's employees; Every year, old people over 60 years old in zhaipoxi village are paid pensions. The company actively responds to the call of the national poverty alleviation policy, focuses on its own development, constantly strengthens social responsibility, and actively performs its obligations to the community through assistance

III. attach importance to environmental protection and practice environmental protection although research shows that the company actively performs environmental protection

the company always adheres to the green mission of being a world screening expert and returning green to the world, closely follows the national environmental protection regulatory requirements, and practices green layout, green research and development, green production, green office and green management: relying on mature screening and sorting technology, it continuously increases business development in the field of circular economy, and successfully arranges the resource treatment of construction waste Classified treatment of domestic waste, comprehensive treatment of sewage sludge, soil remediation, recycling of waste power batteries, etc; Invest in the purchase of welding smoke purifier and the construction of large-scale environmental protection paint spraying room. The laser cutting machine adopts closed structure, the welding machine is equipped with smoke removal equipment, and the production and packaging adopts recyclable materials. Each production detail strictly abides by the environmental protection requirements to realize the greening of the production workshop. The company actively focuses on the action plan to win the blue sky defense war and actively implements environmental protection through green development

only enterprises that actively undertake social responsibilities are competitive and viable enterprises. Weimeng shares won this honor, which is the affirmation and praise of the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce and all sectors of society for the company's past work. Weimeng Co., Ltd. will continue to consolidate its main business, be a pioneer in innovation and transformation, a participant in poverty eradication, and a guardian of the environment and ecology. While pursuing its own development, it will consciously put society in its heart and shoulder, serve customers, repay employees, and offer society with practical actions, and continue to show Weimeng brand and Weimeng style to all sectors of society

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