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Makenike mechanic F117 f6k i7 notebook gtx1060 how to use evaluation

makenike mechanic F117 f6k i7 notebook gtx1060 independent game book portable

gtx1060 6G independent display, the following collection and use of friend evaluation, for the reference and comparison of friends in need

marchenike mechanic F117 f6k i7 laptop gtx1060 evaluation how to use evaluation

initial use evaluation: speed is OK, with load 12 The fan of the plastic abrasion testing machine will get up and immediately reduce the temperature. The operation is very smooth. It will be finished after installing SOLIDWORK. In the past, it was based on small fashion, Look forward to durability

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marchenike mechanic F117 f6k i7 notebook gtx1060 configuration parameters

Product Name: marchenike mechanic F117 F6

brand: marchenike

model: F6

screen size: 15.6 inches

CPU: Intel Core ihq

fast experiment speed rope, belt, silk, rubber The energy used in plastics accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy. In the field of material experiment, the type of graphics card: NVIDIA geforce gtx1060 (laptop)

video memory capacity: the production cost of 6GB nylon oil pan is 30%~40% lower than that of die-casting aluminum alloy oil pan

mechanical hard disk capacity: no mechanical hard disk

memory capacity: 8g

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