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Ma Ying Jeou said he would jointly develop the offshore oil resources of Diaoyu Islands with Japan. Ma Ying Jeou met with Japanese media yesterday and expressed "high concern" for the trade agreement in the Asia Pacific region, including the trend of the Pan Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPP). Photo source: Taiwan's "central" newspaper

Global Times - on November 11, Ma Ying Jeou said in an interview with Japanese media yesterday that he "hopes not to exclude Taiwan" in response to the issue of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) regional trade agreement. As for the Pan Pacific War, but there is a buzzing current strategic economic partnership North partnership agreement (TPP), Ma Ying Jeou said he would pay attention to its trend

according to the report of Japan's "economy" reported by Taiwan media, Ma Ying Jeou first signed the economic cooperation framework agreement (ECFA) with the mainland in June this year, broke through the traditional installation service mode, and is actively participating in the regional trade agreement with this as the support point

in addition, Ma Yingjiu talked to the Japanese media about his views on the issue of fishing island with the development of science and technology. He said, "the 'Republic of China' has the 'sovereignty' of the Diaoyu Islands" and hopes to solve this problem peacefully. Taiwan also put forward the idea of "Taiwan and Japan jointly developing the oil resources near the Diaoyu Islands"

according to Japanese media NHK, regarding the Diaoyu Islands issue, Ma Ying Jeou hopes that Taiwan and Japan can raise the level of fishery rights negotiations, "talk in a politically dominated way", and may find more solutions

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