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Machinike mechanic T90 T1c i7 independent display 4G game book gtx1050 evaluation evaluation

machinist new recommendation: machinike mechanic T90 T1c i7 independent display 4G game book gtx1050 student pen thermal strength experiment notebook computer, as a popular game book, what are the functions and configurations of this machinist T90 T1c worth looking forward to

first, configuration features:

but it is indeed a leader

the parameters of this product are very domineering, equipped with mainstream ten series graphics cards, 128gbpci-e SSD, 1t mechanical hard disk, powerful firepower, and can easily play mainstream games in the market. Full size sky printed RGB colorful dynamic backlight keyboard, with 16.77 million colors, supports zonal color change, provides 4 adjustable areas, and the four areas glow independently. Different backlight colors can be set separately to create a strong visual impact, different brilliance, different brilliance! As for the CPU that many machine friends pay attention to, the machinist remains mysterious. At present, there is no exact official news about the operation of the impact testing machine

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II. The quotation of machenike mechanic T90 T1c configuration package is as follows:

III Machinike mechanic T90 T1c detailed configuration:

model: T1c

screen size: 15.6 inches

CPU: reset the travel of the actuator to ± 50mm, Core i7 processor

graphics card type: NVIDIA geforce gtx1050 (notebook)

video memory capacity: 4GB

mechanical hard disk capacity: 1TB

memory capacity: 8GB

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