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Many times, we pay attention to Feng Shui. In fact, we are paying attention to our own fortune. After all, these Feng Shui are the root of our fortune. Therefore, for our fortune, we need to pay attention to Feng Shui all the time, and we need to understand some related Feng Shui taboos. What are the Feng Shui precautions in the office decoration design? Let's see what the relevant articles say

what are the precautions of Feng Shui in office decoration design?

first, it is important to sit on the back.

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the back is very important. If there is a solid wall behind the desk and seat, it will easily attract the help of the backer, and you will get the help of noble people in your career, which is beneficial to the fate of the magnetic field. Of course, it is best to have a back behind the company's building, otherwise it will appear to be helpless Feng Shui. In fact, from a scientific point of view, if there is a channel behind it, because people move around, it will produce a sense of insecurity in the hearts of staff. In the long run, work efficiency will decline

2. The door should not be opposite to the office door

the door is facing the door of the internal office. It is a rush on the geomantic omen, and the air flow is easy to rush in, which is easy to cause verbal personnel disputes, which must be taken into account in the internal compartment. Door to door will not only cause verbal disputes, but also reduce the efficiency of internal staff

3. The position of the office recruits noble people

in addition to being placed in the position of wealth, the office can also decide the location according to personal destiny, which will also be beneficial to the position of wealth, such as being ” Yang Ming Jin Xiang Ren “ The preferred orientation is due north, so in the due north, it will be conducive to the magnetic field of Shengwang residence and a prosperous and good fortune

4. Place plants and mascots

if you want to prosper your career and recruit dignitaries, it is recommended to place more plants on your desk. Cacti are evil spirits that drive away villains. Evergreen and money trees are also conducive to attracting dignitaries and accepting Qi. If you want to improve your career, you can also place “ Topaz ” To absorb the negative energy of Feng Shui and improve your career

nine Feng Shui precautions in office decoration design

1. How to place the desk in the office and how to achieve the best Feng Shui Effect

this should also be determined according to the building conditions. First of all, we should let employees feel the security of the office, with good lighting and ventilation, and more windows so that employees can see the beautiful scenery outside the window at a glance. Working in such an office environment can give better play to work passion and efficiency

2. Taboos on the placement of desks in the office decoration planning

taboos on the layout of desks mainly refer to the inappropriate orientation of the layout, and leaders or businessmen will feel uncomfortable during operation

the taboos of desk arrangement are as follows

3. Avoid sitting on the back door

place the desk directly opposite the door and sit with people behind the door, which is the first thing to prevent in desk arrangement. The space on the back is not good, which has a great impact on human health

4. Avoid sitting on the side opposite the door

put the desk on the right side of the door, and the desk is inclined to the door, which violates the taboo of sitting on the side opposite the door. The operation will be disturbed, the operation efficiency will be low, and the health will be affected

5. Avoid approaching the aisle window

putting the desk under the sidewalk window is tantamount to putting the desk under the evil spirit, and it is often peeped by others

6. Avoid having windows behind the seats

place the desk parallel to the windows, place the seats between the windows, and use the windows as seat screens. Such a desk should be prevented

7. Don't sit near the window

sitting near the window is unlucky for businessmen or leaders. After the wind often blows against people, they will feel uneasy in their back all day long. Often in the past, they will disturb people's energy. If you encounter the cold wind, you simply lose your balance and get sick. The light outside the window shines from the back of the person and gets a backlight. The backlight hinders vision, so the desk should try to avoid being near the window

9. Avoid sitting angle

many friends like to put their desks between the two walls and sit back in the corner. Such an orientation is very unlucky. Try to sit in the front seat when sitting, so as to be conducive to physical health and smooth work

in office decoration, the location of the desk is particularly important, which not only affects the company's wealth, the leader's work luck, but also the leader's health. Therefore, the selection of the location of the desk plays a vital role. (guidaye Feng Shui www.guidaye.com)

Feng Shui precautions and taboos in office decoration design

01 The nine palace Feng Shui of office decoration

refers to the nine palaces of the office, including Qian, dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, gen, Kun and Zhonggong. Which palace sees evil spirit will have an adverse impact on the corresponding parts of the boss' body or the corresponding personnel aspects. Of course, the greater the evil spirit, the greater the impact will be. For example, if you see evil spirit in the northwest of the office, the boss is likely to have head discomfort, or it is easy to see right and wrong things, etc

02. Ornaments in the office feng shui

Antique ornaments and Feng Shui Huasha products must be carefully placed in the office, including kylin, civet, toad, fish tank, etc. Antique jewelry has a long history, and the Lord is too Yin, which is easy to cause hallucinations and supernatural things; As for things such as kylin, civet, toad, fish tank, etc., they are actually two-sided. If they are used properly, they are self-interest, and if they are not used properly, they may harm themselves. Therefore, if there is a relevant need, it is best to ask professional Feng Shui guidance to place them

03. Feng Shui of the shape evil in the office

the more obvious shape evil in the feng shui of the office include piercing evil, sharp corner evil, beam coping, etc. These evils should not act directly on the homeowner himself or the homeowner's office, otherwise, it will cause the homeowner's depression, irritability and anxiety at least, and it will cause the homeowner's depression, surgery, injury, etc

04. Location of the office feng shui

the general office should not be located at the top of both sides of the entire office building, otherwise, it is prone to injury; The size of the general manager's office should generally not be smaller than that of the office of ordinary workers. Easy customers deceive the owner, resulting in right and wrong worries; The floor of the president's office and the serial number of the office shall not be the number that should be avoided by the president's birthday. For example, if the president's birthday should be avoided, the seventh or eighth room should not be selected as the office, and the adverse consequences depend on the president's fate

05. Feng Shui, the backer of the desk

mainly pays attention to two aspects: first, it should be reliable and should not be empty; Second, it is not suitable to hang heavy objects, such as sharp swords, Kowloon map, etc. Emptiness is easy to be affected by wind chill at light level, and stroke at heavy level; Hanging a sharp sword is prone to blood light and surgery; According to the Jiulong map, Yang Qi is too high and easy to break, so it is easy to cause injury

06. Feng Shui in the office is a symbol of spirit and domination. There is much emphasis on offering gods. Before worshipping the throne, you must understand some basic common sense. Otherwise, you may not be protected, but suffer from it. The so-called “ When God is uneasy, people are uneasy ” Also. For more knowledge about relevant aspects, it is recommended to read the blog post of ark Zhouyi, "the God of wealth, the nine stresses of wealth"

07. Feng Shui of office doors and windows

mainly pay attention to three points: first, the door of the office should not be directly facing the window; Second, if there is another door in the office besides the main door, it is neither suitable for the door to be opposite to the door, nor for the door to be in the diagonal direction; Third, floor to ceiling windows should not be opened. Otherwise, it is easy to cause anger in the office, and the homeowner is physically and mentally exhausted, in a trance, and prone to make mistakes

08. The location of the desk Feng Shui

the location of the desk is generally placed close to the financial position in the office. The layout of the desk in the office should generally follow the principles of left Qinglong, right Baihu, front rosefinch and rear basalt, that is, the front is spacious, the back is solid, the left is tall and the right is unobstructed. The loss of desk position mainly affects the heart function and brain function of homeowners

09. The color of the office feng shui

the main color of the office decoration is determined according to the five element likes and dislikes of the eight character of the house owner's birthday. At least, the five element color taboo in the eight character of the house owner's birthday cannot be used. For example, if the house owner's eight character and five element is taboo of water, blue should not be used as the main tone. Because the taboo color is the enemy that the house owner hit. Sitting in it is like being in the enemy's line, and the consequences can be imagined





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