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EPS line can prevent fire and will not emit toxic substances. It is an environmental friendly high-quality decorative building materials product. It is a new type of exterior wall decorative line and component, which is more suitable for installation. On the EPS and XPS insulation wall of the exterior wall, it can not only reflect the European classical and elegant decorative style, but also ensure that the exterior wall of the main building does not have cold and hot bridge effects. It has the advantages of convenient installation, economy and long durability

eps line is a new building decoration material in China's construction industry. Its appearance can perfectly replace the traditional GRC line and gypsum line, and has quickly been loved and trusted by the majority of consumers. Now let's follow Xiaobian to learn about the relevant knowledge of EPS line manufacturers

Introduction to EPS line manufacturers

1. Hebei Xinrong European style material factory

Hebei Xinrong European style material factory is a large factory specializing in the research and development and production of new European style building structures and European style building materials. EPS line as a new building material, as soon as it appeared, the company put its main R & D strength on EPS line, and constantly improved its production technology and introduced production equipment. At present, it has become a leading enterprise in the field of EPS line production in China, and Xinrong brand EPS line is produced by the company. The biggest feature of Xinrong brand EPS line is its light weight, excellent performance in fire prevention, corrosion prevention and mold resistance. It is the preferred brand for consumers when purchasing decorative materials

2. Beijing Hengli Xinyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Beijing Hengli Xinyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise that produces and sells all kinds of new building materials. As a new type of decorative building materials, EPS lines are one of the indispensable products of the company. The EPS lines produced by the company are characterized by strong decoration and various carved patterns. In addition, the company can also specially design drawings according to the different needs of users and produce EPS line patterns that meet the needs of customers

3. Beijing Ruitong Jingyuan decorative materials Co., Ltd.

Beijing Ruitong Jingyuan decorative materials Co., Ltd. is a professional European decoration design and decorative materials manufacturer. Jingyuan brand EPS lines are one of the company's main products. Its biggest feature is that the patterns on EPS lines are lifelike and have high strength. It is worth mentioning that its products have complete specifications and relatively low prices, In terms of cost performance, it has incomparable advantages in the same industry

eps line function and characteristics

eps line and traditional gypsum line and GRC cement line advantages comparison:

eps decorative line is a new building decoration material in China in recent years, its emergence has caused great repercussions in the domestic design industry, and soon has been recognized and adopted by many domestic designers. Its appearance completely overturned the tradition that only GRC and gypsum can be used for exterior wall decoration lines, and it has been widely valued in the construction industry. Compared with traditional GRC and gypsum, the advantages of the new EPS decorative line are:

(1) light weight. The aggregate of EPS line [2] is polystyrene, and its finished product weight is about 1/6 of GRC decorative line. One person can move and construct at will. Moreover, it is fireproof, waterproof, mothproof, mildew proof and crack proof. The construction is convenient and simple. It is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor decorative materials. It is a new green decorative material

(2) the main products include carving, window sleeve line, waist line, door sleeve line, cornice line, beam bracket, Roman column, door decoration, decorative components and other products, and can be customized according to drawings

(3) paste firmly. EPS decorative line is mainly bonded with the wall with polymer mortar. Polymer mortar is made by adding organic glue to inorganic material cement mortar, which has long service life and firm bonding. It has been proved to be safe and reliable in a large number of engineering applications. Therefore, it avoids the hidden dangers of anchor bolt fixing construction and anchor bolt corrosion, and completely solves the problems of external thermal insulation cold and hot bridges

(4) it is easy to install. With special bonding materials and methods, one person can install and construct, especially for large amount of line works, only bonding installation is required. The pattern effect is clear and natural, elegant and luxurious

(5) there is no gap between lines. The same gap filling material bonded with the wall is used between EPS decorative lines, and all the gaps disappear, and there will be no cracks in future use

(6) environmental protection: using synthetic fiber as raw material, it meets the national standard of non-toxic and harmless green products for engineering decoration

with the continuous development of the building decoration industry, more and more new materials continue to emerge. EPS lines are favored by more and more people. More and more enterprises have entered EPS lines, and some professional companies stand out. Not affected by temperature changes, cold and heat resistant; It is not affected by damp climate and acid rain

the above is the introduction that Xiaobian brings to you. If you want to know more about relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Qijia consulting. Please look forward to more wonderful consulting





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