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Modular bridge expansion devices are divided into: gqf-c bridge expansion device, gqf-mzl bridge expansion device

1. Characteristics of gqf-c bridge expansion device:

gqf-c bridge expansion device adopts integral hot-rolled 16Mn special-shaped steel, which overcomes the characteristics of uneven straightness and aggregate size of extruded special-shaped steel. The building height is low. The height of domestic hot-rolled integrally formed special-shaped steel is only 50mm, with simple structure, convenient installation and obvious reliability Comfort and durability. It is not only convenient to replace the old expansion device, but also can be used for the new bridge

selection principle:

thickness of bridge deck pavement ≥ 80mm

expansion ≤ 80mm

2. Characteristics of gqf-mzl bridge expansion device:

MZL expansion device structure is characterized by a series of expansion devices composed of side beams, middle beams, beams, displacement control systems, sealing rubber belts and other components. The load-bearing structure of the expansion device is separated from the displacement control system. The two do not interfere with each other when they are stressed, and the division of labor is clear. In this way, it can not only ensure the safety when stressed, but also achieve the traditional method of uniform displacement, so that all the middle beams are supported on the same vertical beam in a displacement control box. This is very beneficial to the large displacement expansion device, reducing the number of beams, minimizing the volume of the displacement control box, and saving steel. The structure also overcomes the harsh conditions that the oblique supporting telescopic device requires high machining and assembly accuracy. Otherwise, the four-bar structure is prone to self-locking, which affects the freedom of expansion and it is not easy to ensure uniform displacement. The structure adopts both rotating and sliding structures at all connections. Therefore, it has strong adaptability to curved, slope, inclined and wide bridges, and can meet the requirements of various bridge structures


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