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1) Marble: No, not anywhere, because marble has radiation; The kitchen countertop should be made of wood and covered with fireproof veneer; Stone countertops are not easy to remove oil and are easy to leave scratches

point 1: Budget everything. Living at home also needs a budget. Only in this way can we rationally distribute the fruits exchanged by sweat in your hands

decoration requires a budget and is difficult to do. We should not give up the budget because it is difficult to do, but we should overcome it. I believe we can succeed if we work together

1. Target

control the total budget within a deviation of +-10%

point 2: it's not a good thing to budget more than you actually do. Your rice could have been used in more useful places, but it's a pity that you made a decoration reserve for nothing. This is also the meaning of the budget

point 3: make a budget according to your actual needs (rather than the rice in your hand). When the budget exceeds the bearing range, consider reducing the budget, which will help to save

2, start

let's start

consider what main materials you need

usually you need the following main materials:

bedroom and living room: floor, floor tile, latex paint (or wallpaper), door, swing door, lamp, heating, switch, socket, windowsill

kitchen and bathroom Yang: cabinet, Kitchen Basin, smoke machine and stove, ceiling, sliding door, plastic steel door, swing door, lamp, toilet, wash basin, faucet, shower, bathroom pendant, exhaust fan, wall tile, heating, switch, socket, floor drain

is about the same. There may be others

dive more and read your diary. See how DX people choose. First determine the material, and then determine the brand

walk more building materials markets and supermarkets

point 4: the budget must be made with a complete understanding of your own needs and market, otherwise it cannot be accurate

choose your favorite things, repeatedly compare and weigh, and determine 2-3 alternatives for each material. These alternatives must have a certain price difference, otherwise it is meaningless

point 5: like the same, the price is the same, the quality is the same, and the reputation is the same, but you just can't decide which one to choose. Choose any one, because they are basically the same

make an Excel to record these things, and then calculate according to the actual area. Many costumers asked how to calculate the area. Hehe, I measured the size last time. Bottom * height = area

how to calculate the actual consumption

too many TX ask how to calculate the consumption of latex paint. The simplest way is to find it on the latex paint website. Or go to the outer package of lacquer, which is also clearly written on it, which is absolutely correct

the number of other main materials can be counted. Count slowly. However, there are still many choices, such as doors (buy finished products, semi-finished products)? Cabinet

doors: finished doors are the easiest. If you buy semi-finished products, you should consider paint, hardware, etc. And the door

cabinet: if it is customized, there is no trouble. If not, you can refer to the appendix of this article and transfer it from other posts. The original is unknown, but thank you very much for that DX. It's really awesome

at this time, I should have a sense of achievement. Slow down, and there are other woodwork. I don't know much about this, because my family has no carpentry at all. However, it is probably not much different from the price of finished products in the market. Personally, I think it is better to find manufacturers to customize

finally add up the prices of these things

3. It's not over

it's far from over

auxiliary materials and labor have not been considered

auxiliary materials mainly include:

wall surface: putty (or wall lining), cloth (depending on whether it needs to be pasted through, usually only paste cracks), gypsum (fill holes), mesh cloth (which can be used to make up for cracks and cat holes on the original wall surface), 108 glue (rolled on the wall before applying putty, and also used to be mixed in gypsum powder, etc.), 磙

Tiling: cement, sand, jointing agent. Cement and sand are also used to build walls

package Riser: red brick. Or use cement board

power change: wire, threading tube, cassette

water improvement: water pipes, valves

others: ceiling keel (anticorrosive paint), waterproof paint, glass glue

labor: probably, but in any case, it should be calculated bit by bit according to the area and unit price. Because we already have a unit area, we have a little initiative in our hands

it is difficult to estimate the quantity of auxiliary materials, such as cement and sand. It has something to do with the ground and the wall

fortunately, the prices of these accessories are not expensive. After all, they are about 30-50/m2 (sales area), which is a little more than 30 in my family. Now let's make a rough calculation and wait until we carefully consider the process

if the above work is done strictly, the budget should be within +-10%. As long as there are no major changes, it should be safe to prepare

my budget still made a mistake. I changed the brand of latex paint when I was near the decoration, and temporarily decided to change the heating after the decoration began. These two changes are worth about 4000 in total. It makes my budget exceed 5500 in total. Accounting for 10% of the total budget. It can be seen that if these things are clearly thought out in advance, the budget difference should not exceed 3%

after finishing the budget, I suggest that you can keep it and compare it with the actual amount item by item, so as to summarize experience, for your second house and for the new students

talk about the construction steps

appendix: cabinet material details

composition of the cabinet:

cabinet (that is, the frame of the cabinet, generally TX is more concerned about its materials)

door panel (because it is something on the face, and it is also what TX is concerned about)

countertop (it is the important part of the cabinet price, but unfortunately I don't know deeply, I may only write with it)

hinge (everyone is also more concerned)

adjusting feet

drawer guide rail

door handle (there are many greasy phenomena)

skirting line (the price of greasy food startles you)

hanging code

edge banding (focus discussion)

crash pad


laminate pin

other components: sales expenses, designer expenses, store costs, factory scale

here I will do the method of eliminating cattle by cooking, disassemble a set of cabinets into each individual project, and then analyze the greasy food specifically, with a set of five linear meter long L-shaped cabinets, It contains three drawers as the cow I want to solve

1. Greasy cabinet

a, imported plate: 96 yuan/square meter (18 thick)

b, domestic plate: 45 yuan/square meter (E1 level)

c, domestic plate: 30 yuan/square meter (national standard)

the total consumption of cabinet plate is 30m2, then it is converted by linear meter: a cost is 576 yuan/linear meter

b cost is 270 yuan/linear meter

c cost is 180 yuan/linear meter

.In this item, if domestic plates are used instead of imported plates, Manufacturers can obtain profits of more than 1000 yuan/set. If 16mm thick plates are used, the price will be reduced by 10 yuan/linear meter

2. The greasy cabinet door plate

a, imported Aijia plate: 250 yuan/square meter

b, fake Aijia plate: 130 yuan/square meter

c, ordinary domestic color plate: 80 yuan/square meter

the area of cabinet door plate is 6 square meters, a cost is 300 yuan/linear meter

b cost is 156 yuan/linear meter

therefore, If you use fake aijiaban instead of real aijiaban, these door panels can make a profit of 720 yuan, while the difference between real and fake aijiaban is that ordinary people can't see it, including decorators in the non cabinet industry. Please ask fenyun to provide the know-how in this regard

3, hinges

a, imported hinges: 9 yuan/piece (ordinary type)

b, fake imported hinges: 4 yuan/piece

c Domestic hinges: 1.2 yuan/piece

the amount of hinges used in this cabinet is basically about 40, a cost is 72 yuan/linear meter

b cost is 32 yuan/linear meter

C cost is 9.6 yuan/linear meter

therefore, if the genuine imported hinges are replaced by the fake imported hinges, the manufacturer can earn 200 yuan/set as much as possible. If the domestic hinges are used, the profit is higher

how to distinguish between true and false: I don't know

4, edge banding

.A. import: 9 yuan/meter

b Domestic: 2.5 yuan/meter

this cabinet generally takes about 70 meters, a costs 126 yuan/linear meter

b costs 35 yuan/linear meter

therefore, if domestic products are used to replace imported edge banding, manufacturers can make a net profit of 455 yuan/set, which few consumers can see

according to my understanding: the edge banding of many brands are fake.

the advertising is German, but it is actually made in China, and the more inconspicuous it is, the easier it is to fake.

5, skirting line

a, imported skirting line: 90 yuan/meter

b, domestic skirting line: 8 yuan/meter

5 meter cabinet consumption is 5 meters, then the cost of a is 90 yuan/linear meter

b is 8 yuan/linear meter.

therefore, If the imported ones are replaced by domestic ones, the manufacturers can make a net profit of 410 yuan. Unexpectedly, this is also the key point. After all, few people can see that

6, adjusting feet

a, imported adjusting feet: 7 yuan/piece

b, domestic adjusting feet: 1.5 yuan/piece

generally, the consumption of such cabinets is 32 pieces, then the cost of a is 44.8 yuan/linear meter

b is 9.6 yuan/linear meter

.Instead of import, Manufacturers can make a net profit of 176 yuan/set, and general consumers are less likely to pay attention to studying these

therefore, you must have a look at the acceptance of cabinets, especially when buying small brand cabinets

7, door handles

A, imported door handles: at least 50 yuan/piece

b, Hong Kong door handles: 40 yuan/piece

C, domestic door handles: 3-10 yuan/piece (I calculate by 10 yuan/piece)

the general dosage is 20, Then the cost of a is 200 yuan/linear meter

b is 160 yuan/linear meter

c is 40 yuan/linear meter

therefore, if the manufacturer is black hearted enough, using domestic handle instead of imported handle, he can make a net profit of 800 yuan. How many people have studied the handle carefully

the discovery of this problem was very accidental. I got a configuration given to me by a friend in my hand and asked me to see what the problem was. The configuration was very good, but the price was much lower than the 1696 of Jiazhuang. I felt very strange

were we cheated by fenyun? You know, it was 30 people who negotiated with him at the beginning, and the price was already at the bottom. Is there a cabinet factory so good

so I called my friend and told him that everything written on the configuration was written into the purchase contract, indicating that if it was fake, I would be fined 100. As a result, when it was written about imported materials, the other party shook his hand and refused to write

8, connectors

a, imported connectors: 5 yuan/piece

b, domestic connectors: 1 yuan/piece

the consumption of a set of cabinets is about 60 pieces, so the cost of a is 60 yuan/linear meter

b is 12 yuan/linear meter

p>.The, If domestic products are used instead of imported products, the manufacturer can make a net profit of 240 yuan/set. This thing is inside the cabinet, and it is easy to muddle through if you don't pay attention to it.

9, hanging code

a, imported hanging code 15 yuan/piece

b, domestic hanging code 1.2 yuan/piece

basically, a set of cabinet costs 45 yuan/linear meter

b costs 3.6 yuan/linear meter

therefore, if domestic products are used instead of imported products, Then the manufacturer can make a net profit of about 200 yuan




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