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In the second half of this year, the rise of aluminum materials, freight and other raw and auxiliary materials and transportation costs have a direct impact on the aluminum alloy door and window manufacturing industry. Successive shocks have made the aluminum alloy door and window industry weak. How should aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers survive this "cold winter"

first, fine production reduces the impact

after World War II, Toyota Motor quickly recovered from the post-war era and rose to become the world's largest automaker through fine production, a high-quality and low consumption production method. Subsequently, this kind of production mode, which eliminates invalid labor and waste, effectively uses resources, reduces costs, improves quality, and achieves the purpose of achieving maximum output with the least input, has been widely used in major manufacturing fields in the world. The relevant person in charge of Nanfang household said that lean production transformation helped the company reduce the waste of raw and auxiliary materials and labor time while improving production efficiency, and flatten the impact of rising costs

second, in-depth service to maintain the market

the value of products needs to be achieved through successful sales. The rise in terminal selling prices will deviate from consumer expectations, resulting in poor sales. In the case of unavoidable price increases, strengthen the service awareness of dealers through training and other means, and enhance the stickiness between the brand and the market through interaction, advanced service and other ways, so as to stimulate potential consumption while maintaining the existing market

third, the supplier alliance is in step

with the increasingly stringent requirements of environmental protection, a number of backward and non-standard raw and auxiliary material production suppliers will be gradually eliminated, and the process of survival of the fittest may accelerate the rise of raw and auxiliary material prices. In addition to standardized and lean management in the production process and process, aluminum alloy door and window manufacturing enterprises should also strengthen the management of the company's internal procurement system, actively interact with the upstream supply chain, and deeply participate in the development of upstream suppliers by means of equity participation and cooperation, so that upstream suppliers and manufacturing enterprises can achieve consistency

high quality and high price raw and auxiliary materials and logistics services may become the mainstream of the market, and the aluminum alloy door and window industry will usher in a new round of adjustment. What enterprises are facing is not only a severe challenge but also a new opportunity. After this cold winter, they will surely usher in spring


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