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With China's entry into the WTO, foreign products will have a great impact on domestic mechanical products in the domestic market. As the equipment industry of the printing industry, the printing machinery industry undertakes the important task of providing supporting equipment for the fields of newspaper printing, book printing and commercial printing. Facing the fierce market competition, it is necessary to understand the market demand of printing machine products and make adjustment and development as soon as possible, It is the first choice for our current work. The following analysis is made on the market demand in relevant fields:

1. newspaper printing the newspaper printing industry has large advertising revenue, high profits and fast pace of technological transformation. It is the fastest growing industry in the printing industry. At the end of 1998, there were 1500 newspapers nationwide, including 1000 with typesetting capacity and 600 with printing capacity. 2053 newspapers were published, with a total of 54billion printed sheets, equivalent to 1.24 million tons of paper. At present, the newspaper printing industry has about 1100 web offset printing machines, including about 50 double width printing machines, about 500 60000/h high-speed printing machines (except 64 domestic machines, the rest are imported machines), and the rest 30000 ~ 45000/h domestic printing machines account for the majority. It is estimated that by 2005, the annual average growth rate of the total number of printed newspapers and the total number of printed papers will be 5% and 8% respectively. In 2005, the total number of printed papers will reach 93.5 billion, equivalent to 2.35 million tons of paper

2. printing of books and periodicals by the end of 1998, there were 1182 national and provincial designated printing enterprises of books and periodicals in China. 5. There was no display on the display, and the total industrial output value was 12.024 billion yuan. In 1998, all kinds of printed books, magazines, textbooks, pictures, etc. in China increased by an average of 10% over 1997, including 50.71 million orders of books and periodicals printed, 50000 orders of color offset printing 905 also touched on technological innovation in multi-disciplinary and multi fields, and 40.72 million orders of books and periodicals bound. It is estimated that by 2010, the annual average growth rates of the number of books, the total number of prints and the total number of prints will be 3%, 5% and 7% respectively, and the paper consumption will reach 2.19 million tons; The annual average growth rates of the total printed pages and the total number of printed pages of periodicals are 7% and 5% respectively. Precautions for the operation of impact testing machine: the amount of paper used has reached 410000 tons, especially with the improvement of people's living standards. At the end of the tenth five year plan, all student textbooks will be color textbooks, the proportion of children's books will increase, the proportion of all kinds of hardcover printed on coated paper will increase, and the amount of all kinds of high-quality printed on coated paper will also increase

In 1997, the National Book and periodical printing enterprises owned 10401 printing machines above the folio level, including 7569 offset presses, 2602 embossing presses and 230 gravure presses; Among the total number of printing machines, there are 1087 web offset presses, 6482 sheet fed offset presses, including 898 sheet fed multi-color offset presses. The book and periodical printing industry generally has excess capacity, insufficient operation, low profits and low economic benefits

3. packaging and printing

packaging and printing is an important field of the printing industry, mainly including the printing of trademarks, various packaging boxes, corrugated boxes, stationery, liquid packaging, and various paper products. 1995: bent core and bent core seat: the bent core seat was installed on the piston rod of the oil cylinder. By the end of July, there were 6050 packaging and printing enterprises above the county level in China, realizing a total industrial output value of 29billion yuan and profits and taxes of 3.507 billion yuan. In the past, the packaging and printing industry was in a relatively backward situation in the printing industry. Now it has developed into an industry with a certain scale, complete categories and extensive use of advanced technology. It is an important market for printing machinery. In recent years, the industry has imported more than 500 sheet fed multi-color offset printing machines, more than 250 gravure printing lines and more than 100 flexo printing lines. It is estimated that the output value of the packaging and printing industry will increase by 10% annually, from 805.2 billion in 2005 to 1296.8 billion in 2010. The market prospect is very good. However, as the domestic equipment can not fully meet the needs of users in terms of performance and quality, at present, there are still a large number of foreign imports of multi-color gravure printing machines, flexographic printing machines and special printing equipment that need anti-counterfeiting printing, heat transfer printing, holographic printing, inkjet printing and so on. It can be seen that the market potential is great

according to the above market demand forecast, at the end of the tenth five year plan, the annual output scale of the main products of printing machinery should reach 150 high-speed newspaper printers, 130 web printing machines (including 50 commercial printing machines), 610 sheet fed multi-color offset printing machines, 4100 sheet fed single and two-color offset printing machines, 5000 small lithographic printing machines, 70 table printing machines, 320 gravure, flexo and silk printing machines, and 650 high-speed die cutting bronzing machines, 650 anti-counterfeiting trademark and label printers, 65 box pasting and box making machines, 150 paperback and hardcover single machine or linkage production lines, 1300 program-controlled paper cutters, 260 folding machines and 3800 air pumps

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