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The State Council's 20 new policies promote consumption again, smart home appliances or new outlets promote consumption again, smart home appliances or new outlets 18:55 source: Entrepreneurship Wuhan, It has launched 20 new measures to boost consumption, which clearly "encourage financial institutions to provide credit support for residents to purchase new energy vehicles, green smart appliances, smart homes, water-saving appliances and other green smart products, and increase financial support for new consumption."

intensify renovation! On August 25, China Hardware Association held a press conference on "quality and consumption of China's intelligent door lock industry" in Beijing. At the meeting, bizhitao, director of China Daily hardware technology development center, explained in detail the national standards of general technical conditions for lock safety, industrial standards such as electronic anti-theft lock, general technical conditions for fingerprint anti-theft lock, general technical requirements for building intelligent door lock, and group/local standards such as electronic intelligent door lock and electronic control components for lock, as well as the requirements for the safety and performance of intelligent door lock

release of the national new generation of artificial intelligence open innovation platform: Xiaomi Hikvision was selected in the

on August 29, at the opening ceremony of the 2019 world artificial intelligence conference held in Shanghai, Vice Minister of science and technology limeng announced the "national new generation of artificial intelligence open innovation platform", in which Xiaomi group was selected as the representative of the platform in the field of smart home. In addition, Kuangshi Technology (in the field of image perception), Hikvision (in the field of video perception), itulo (in Visual Computing), minlue Technology (in Marketing Intelligence), Huawei (basic software and hardware), Ping An (Inclusive Finance), JD (intelligent supply chain), 360 (safe brain) and tal (Smart Education) were also selected into the platform

On August 29, at the 2019 world Artificial Intelligence Conference (waic), the high-end brand of AI technology home appliances Colmo released the white paper of AI technology home appliances. It interprets in detail the three core technologies of AI technology home appliances, analyzes the development trend of AI technology home appliances, and depicts a new picture of intelligent human settlement in the future. Well known experts, academic guests, industry senior experts and enterprise representatives from around the world discussed the feasibility of AI enabled smart home

Midea Group has 78 AI engineers. The goal is that Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in producing universal testing machines, impact testing machines, pressure testing machines, tension testing machines, cup protrusion testing machines, ring stiffness testing machines, wood-based panel testing machines, zigzag testing machines, and other mechanical testing machines. Midea Group has 78 AI engineers in three to five years, These engineering divisions are located in the future technology research center in Silicon Valley, the Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Midea Group and Shunde, Guangdong, the headquarters of the group. Xuchengmao, President of the Central Research Institute of Midea Group, said, "our goal is to truly make our household appliances automated and intelligent in the next three to five years."

there are advertisements when starting up. Jiangsu Consumer Protection Commission interviewed 7 smart TV brands.

Jiangsu Consumer Protection Commission investigated 10 smart TV brands including Skyworth, Hisense, Xiaomi, Haier, Changhong, sharp, LETV, Samsung, LG and Sony through public data collection, consumer questionnaire survey and volunteer information collection. Among these 10 brands, only Samsung, LG and Sony do not include start-up advertisements. According to the feedback, Moldex3D, the global leader in plastic mold flow analysis software, announced the official release of Moldex3D dimimat RP (reinforced plastics) on September 11. 96.4% of consumers told that there was a startup advertisement for smart TVs at home; 45.00% of consumers said that the start-up advertising was between 15 seconds and 40 seconds, 36.21% of consumers said that it was less than 15 seconds, and 9.65% of consumers said that the start-up advertising was more than 40 seconds; In the case of startup ads, 50.16% of consumers told that startup ads could not be closed halfway

Thunderbird technology announced the establishment of the "Thunderbird alliance", which will focus on creating a smart TV ecosystem in the future. On August 28, TCL electronics released a semi annual performance report, in which Thunderbird technology, which is mainly responsible for the Internet business, has an eye-catching performance. At the meeting, CEO of Thunderbird technology officially announced the establishment of "Thunderbird alliance" to enable smart TV ecology. At present, "Thunderbird alliance" has carried out in-depth cooperation with 11 partners including TV, Ott box and intelligent projector. In the next three years, Thunderbird alliance plans to activate more than 10million terminals

neweggon September 1, the smart September smart home promotion was launched.

on September 1, the overseas e-commerce trading platform neweggon launched a three-week promotional campaign with the theme of smart home product trading. Throughout September, Newegg will run through the theme of "automated smart home" and provide consumers with product use tutorials and substantial discounts on related products. The weekly themes include: voice controller, intelligent security Intelligent energy saving

launch of Haier home decoration season: smart one-stop shopping makes home decoration not patchwork

on September 1, Haier launched the home decoration season activity with the theme of "no patchwork · one-stop shopping", which provides users with a one-stop home appliance home decoration package from design, purchase to service based on the "smart home cloud" strategy, and uses the scene ecology of interconnection, active service and continuous iteration to meet the scene needs in users' lives. On August 30, Haier whole house reached strategic cooperation with dozens of Shanghai Elite decoration enterprises. The signing ceremony was held in Haier Zhijia No. 001 experience center

"installation optimization" smart home project installation business covers the whole country. On August 26, the "installation optimization" smart home installation and maintenance service platform, which has been online for one and a half years, completed a major service upgrade. In addition to officially launching the smart home project business demand release and order receiving management system of to B, it also expanded the number of professional engineers from about 1000 in early 2019 to 15000 at present, The service area has also increased from 11 cities to 31 provincial capitals, municipalities directly under the central government and 293 prefecture level cities except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

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