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Qian Qian commented on the top 12 2016 top 12 recommended new year's rejuvenation strategies

at the beginning of the new year, are you ready to give new year's rejuvenation to those who are full of money? In particular, you have sorted out the top 12 recommended new year's rejuvenation strategies for 2016 top 12 sales for your reference. First of all, I wish you a happy new year and congratulations on making a fortune. The following is a detailed introduction to the top 12 recommendations for 2016

top 12 recommendations for 2016: apple/Apple iPhone 6S 4.7-inch nationwide

comments: 6S runs quite smoothly, but I feel that 16g of memory should not be enough, which is basically 9g of available space. This is a failure. Of course, if you don't install large-scale games, large-scale software can meet normal needs. In the past, you didn't like round edges and corners, and it seems to be OK to use it, In fact, the rounded edges and corners are not very big. The price of the four five Baba bought by Shuang 12 should be fairly cost-effective. In fact, the price of apple is a little expensive, but it is better to experience something than Android. It is more comfortable to use so many for apple. Third, it is also convenient to change numbers in the future. However, the mobile service can be improved a little bit. It should cost only a few yuan to give a set of film, but the experience is completely different, although it may not be used. Of course, this is the niaoxing of large enterprises

click here to check the latest quotation of tmall, go to to check the quotation, two of the top 12 recommendations for 2016: huawei/Huawei Honor Play 5x mobile 4G smart Android screen

comments: This is my second Huawei. To be honest, it's good to be used to Huawei. I don't play big games very much, the battery is still enough, and the response is good. All the things given in the package are practical. If only a pin was given? I changed it with the needle of disposable syringe. Just cut off the tip of the needle? Very easy to use, thanks Huawei! Go to tmall to check the quotation, go to to check the quotation three of the top 12 recommendations for 2016 hot sales: xiaomi/Xiaomi Hongmi note3 high configuration version double

comments: the five-star appearance is very beautiful, the high-end atmosphere is high-grade, the speed is very fast, and the cost performance is high. It is worth buying four of the top 12 recommendations for 2016 hot sales: meizu/Meizu Meilan metal public version

comments: it has been used for a while, and I think it is very good to use, and there is no jam, After upgrading the system, it is very hot. The pixel density and screen density are very good. Fingerprint recognition is also very fast. This model is very cost-effective, but the battery is not durable. Adding a 1W Ma power bank is just right. Even now this model does not support root, which is inconvenient for me to develop. In short, it is OK! This time, I bought two, one for myself and one for my girlfriend. Top 12 recommendations for 2016: apple/Apple iPhone 6S plus 5.5-inch all in one. Comments: after ten days of use, it runs smoothly and has powerful functions. No problem has been found. It is worth owning, both in terms of performance and appearance. Although the price of the iPhone in this store is smaller and more expensive than that in other stores, the quality is superior. From receipt to activation, When we went to the apple official for verification, everything was satisfactory. It was definitely authentic. The invoice was attached with it. It was reassuring. The customer service was warm and patient from beginning to end. Give this store a compliment! Praise

2016 top 12 recommendations 6: xiaomi/Xiaomi Hongmi 3 Quantong Hongmi 3

comments: it's great. I like it very much. It's not big or small. It's just good. It's love. Logistics is also very fast. In a word, I like it very much. Thank you, buyer. I wish the seller a prosperous business, zasidler, good luck in the year of the monkey, and congratulations on making a fortune

top 12 recommendations for 2016: letv/LETV 1s Princess edition 3g+32g large memory Mobile Unicom 4g

comments: to be honest, the price for this configuration is pretty good. The same specification is at least 2000. LETV's ecosystem is also good. Watching videos is nice. The only drawback is that EUI feels that it is not mature enough (compared with other domestic UIS), and many functions are not perfect, I don't believe it will get better and better

top 12 recommendations for 2016: apple/Apple iPhone 5S Mobile Unicom dual 4g

comments: it is really easy to use than Android, and the traffic is also very economical. It is very handy to use. For me, single handed operation is the best. It's not bloated in your pocket. WiFi connection speed is very fast, and 4G speed is much faster than Android. The key is that it doesn't consume electricity. It needs to be recharged once a day. I don't want to charge a PC in the company every day. I have to go back to charge it at night

top 12 recommendations for 2016: huawei/Huawei mate8 3gb+32gb smart

comments: very good, the process is improved compared with mate7, because the former mate7 is naturally full of expectations for mate8, and the use experience is really good. Support Huawei and domestic products

at this time, you should open the oil return valve handle. Top 12 recommendations in 2016:

comments: at present, no deficiencies have been found. There are exclusive Huawei software, which is lightweight, not thick at all, with clear pixels, skin beautifying function, large body capacity, no card, no crash, and gesture function. In this way, you can reduce the number of times you press the power key. The voice function is also good, but the theme is not very good-looking, The next ring tone can only be downloaded after entering music. There is no relevant software download. Huawei is supported

2016 top 12 recommendations 11: vivo X6 Mobile Unicom dual 4G ultra-thin eight core large screen dual card smart touch screen fingerprint

comments: delivery is super fast! SF parcel post ~ very good! Match the seller's description! The small speaker feels good! Very satisfied with a shopping trip! Worth recommending! Worth buying! Review of tmall's quotations and top 12 recommendations for 2016:

comments: it has been an o-powder for several years, and it is still as good as ever. In particular, the R7S, which is a popular beauty watch, has become an important design driver for household appliances. It runs smoothly and feels super good. Rose Gold matches this model very well, takes clear photos, and plays out music well. Hope oppo will continue to do so and witness the glory of domestic machines! Check the quotation of tmall without DMF

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