Top 20 classic Hong Kong drug packaging

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Twenty classic Hong Kong drug packaging models

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core tip: many people will bring a lot of large and small packages of drugs when they travel to Hong Kong! For these 20 drugs, you will find that some of the packages have not changed for decades or even longer! Drug packaging is the guarantee of quality

[China Packaging News] many people will bring a lot of large and small packages of drugs when they travel to Hong Kong! For these 20 drugs, you will find that some of the packages have not changed for decades or even longer! Drug packaging is the guarantee of quality

1. Jingdu nianci'an honey refining Chuanbei loquat cream.

main functions: moistening lung and resolving phlegm, relieving cough and asthma, protecting throat and throat, invigorating body fluid and Qi, regulating heart and reducing fire. It is suitable for cold cough, thick phlegm, excessive phlegm, asthma, dry and itchy throat and hoarseness. Use with caution

2. Shuangfei people

main indications: it has the effects of colds, abdominal pain, vomiting, mosquito bites, antipruritic, dyspepsia, scalding, toothache and headache, relieving summer heat and refreshing, driving the wind and rescuing the emergency, seasickness, disinfection and anti-inflammatory. It can be taken orally. It is better to take 78 drops for adults and 23 drops for children each time. It is better to take it with warm tea or drop it on the sugar cube and put it into the mouth

3. Diaoyu brand liwanshan stomach pain invigorating and intestine regulating pill

main indications: it can stop diarrhea, relieve pain, stop vomiting and eliminate stagnation. It is used for gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, nausea and vomiting caused by indigestion due to acclimatization

4. Tiger neck shoulder comfort

main indications: it is a unique formula, which can play a role quickly, and will not be caused by neck shoulder acid 9 The fasteners of the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine should be locked regularly: the vibration after the sample is broken often makes some fasteners loose and affect life; Not greasy, not touching hands, feeling comfortable; It emits a refreshing fragrance, and will not be full of medicine and make people around feel uncomfortable

5. Tiger standard analgesic cloth

functions: muscle fatigue, muscle pain, shoulder muscle stiffness, contusion, sprain, back pain and joint pain

6. Tiger standard Wanjin oil

function indications: it contains cinnamon flavor, and can bring a variety of machines for you to choose from! For warming reaction, just gently massage the affected area with tiger standard balsam oil. Its natural ingredients can effectively and quickly play a role, reduce pain and swelling, effectively relieve muscle and muscle pain, and also eliminate the swelling and itching caused by mosquito bites and insects

7. Hu Biao Wanjin oil ointment

main indications: it can effectively relieve headache, nasal congestion, itching, muscle pain, strain and sprain, abdominal pain, flatulence, and discomfort caused by mosquito bites and insects

8. Axbiao wind expelling oil

main indications: dispel wind and relieve pain, fragrant and clear the orifices. It is used for cold sneezing, stuffy nose and headache, dizzy waves of boats and cars, falls and sprains, muscle soreness, mosquito bites. It is an essential drug for families. It is an over-the-counter drug to prevent mosquito bites and relieve headache and dizziness

9. Baoxin'an oil

functional indications: it is mainly used to dispel wind and relieve pain, dredge the orifices and detumescence, promote blood circulation and relieve itching. It is used for cold nasal congestion, dizziness and headache, muscle sprain, mosquito bite, boat and car dizziness...

10. Huangdaoyi Huoluo oil

functional indications: it is effective for wind pain, bone pain, sprain, nameless swelling and pain, hand and foot cramps, overexertion, lumbar strain, blood vessel blockage, old-age wind pain, back pain, etc. Apply it to the affected area, and press it with your thumb for minutes. The intensity is from light to heavy. It is appropriate to avoid excessive pain, twice a day. It can relieve pain

11. Wuwuwugongbiao cough pill

main functions: generating fluid, stopping cough and removing phlegm

12. Laba Zhenglu pill

main functions: removing stagnation and stopping diarrhea. It is used for adults and children with diarrhea caused by improper diet or acclimatization. It belongs to damp heat and food stagnation. Loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, abdominal distension, diarrhea, indigestion

13. Main indications of Hexing Baihua oil

function: relieve nasal congestion caused by cold or cold, relieve headache, temporarily relieve muscle pain, and make the boat and car dizzy. It has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, anti itching effects on mosquito bites, and makes the spirit comfortable

14. Yu Rensheng BAOYING Dan

efficacy: it mainly treats children's colds, gastrointestinal discomfort and other related symptoms

15. Taihe dongjiuke pill

main functions: excessive phlegm cough, cold cough, whooping cough, children's whooping cough, Yin Mao cough, yin deficiency internal injury cough, lingering cough, hoarseness of throat marks, nasal discharge, persistent phlegm, dyspnea, asthma cough of the elderly, middle-aged golden cough, pregnancy cough of women

16. Mabailiang Zhupo Houzao powder

main indications: clearing heat and resolving phlegm, expelling wind and relieving asthma, inducing resuscitation and calming panic, children's phlegm heat and wind, shortness of breath and throat, cough and phlegm, restlessness with palpitation, steaming phlegm with damp heat, liver heat convulsion

17. Main indications of xiehuawei powder

function: it is specially used to treat stomach pain, liver pain, back pain, insect pain, accumulated pain, hunger pain, satiety pain, as well as pneumoplegia, nausea, abdominal distension and satiety stagnation

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18. Wude Wuci intestinal pain water

main indications: expel stomach wind and alleviate stomach discomfort, and can prevent and treat a variety of infant diseases, such as: strangulation, acid intestinal distention, gastrointestinal gas accumulation. For all kinds of discomfort caused by the baby's teething, it can immediately relieve pain, calm the mind, reduce the symptoms, and avoid danger

19. The main functions of tiaojinggusao pill are: regulating menstruation and nourishing blood, promoting qi and relieving pain, closing depression and relaxing Qi, tonifying blood and regulating qi, dredging blood and stopping belt, removing blood stasis and generating new energy, tonifying both blood and Qi, giving consideration to spleen and kidney, tonifying but not stagnating, tonifying kidney and warming the palace, covering deficiency and cold, nourishing skin and strengthening body

20. Tianxitang Tianxi pill

functions: tonifying blood and strengthening the body, promoting pregnancy, hemiplegia, irregular menstruation, cleaning and tourniquet, postpartum lochia, unclear blood stasis, aching waist and knees, abdominal pain, tonifying blood and beauty, insomnia and dreaminess, comfortable intestines and stomach, acne and bad breath, looking forward to long-term cooperation with you, weakness and disease, haggard face, premature aging

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