Top 12 ways to become a visionary Designer

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12 ways to become a visionary designer

what is a visionary designer or visionary designer

at what level or position should visionary designers be positioned

between design genius and design thinker

what is the relationship with ordinary designers

are far sighted designers at a higher level

how do you become a visionary designer

is there a qualification test

is it up to you to vote to decide whether you can join the ranks of visionary designers

does this title come from the efforts of aspiring people, or is it your natural responsibility

is there a time limit? Even if you haven't done anything far sighted, can you have this title all your life? Or is there a regular qualification assessment for visionary designers

it is certain that although this title has been worn by the conference organizers, no one will call themselves visionary designers (can they?). Usually, only the organizers of meetings or ceremonies will use such publicity gimmicks. But if someone really wants to have the title of visionary Designer (and print it on their business card), here is a simple roadmap to becoming a truly visionary designer

1. There shall be at least one breakthrough design every two years (this requirement does not include coated paper, box board paper and corrugated paper. The United States is one of the main importers). The so-called breakthrough design may include organic flame retardants and inorganic flame retardants (sorted by size): design a typesetting language for the post digital era, develop an effective substitute for post it notes, and establish a theory on monetizing creativity

2. Write a design manifesto with enough key points, so that the teachers who teach the design class can assign a different poster to at least 10 college students each time, and let them explain each key point with graphic language and typesetting

3. What is the future of design? No new computer operating system or application will be mentioned when this problem occurs

4. It is also possible to design at least one novel product so that designers can make better design with the help of this product, so as to make the world a better place

5. Never use words such as design innovation and bandwidth in speeches, articles or conversations about design (in any case, even in a mocking tone)

6. Invited to attend various meetings and gatherings organized by institutions unrelated to the design. Davos Economic Forum is also an old-fashioned forum. Some emerging countries or non-governmental organizations will cater to those visionary designers who are going to be popular. The real visionary designers should be invited and recognized by these countries or organizations

7. There are too few students to lead. At least three students who are expected to become visionary designers in the future should be led at the same time, and students should be guided to complete a breakthrough design and show their face in the design industry media and mainstream media

8. Publish at least one book (not in a self-help publishing company like blurb or Lulu). Concentrate all your ideas and wisdom into a series of wise and deep visual aphorisms. Use neutral fonts to avoid being seen as fashionable

9. Decline all invitations to make speeches (except those mentioned above), unless you can get professional service fees instead of gifts or embellishments, because PPG industry will participate in the 2014 China International composite exhibition and hold the technology exhibition. The former amount will be higher

10. Directly declare that you will no longer do things in the future, because doing things is no longer an innovation, and designers have done too many things. After half a year, you can announce the termination of this statement, because designers do things

11. Don't associate with other visionary designers (even old friends). 295 insulation materials lest you be regarded as a member of a small circle. Visionary designers must be detached and independent

12. Don't be a visionary designer all the time. Use oneortwo years to give yourself a holiday and give others a chance to be a visionary designer. It's like riding a bike. You can pick it up anytime

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