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The consumption tax on paint may trigger a major reshuffle in the paint industry. The spring of water-based paint will come in twoorthree years, because in twoorthree years, you have to pay tax on buying paint. The government is preparing to reshuffle the paint industry

the Ministry of environmental protection, the State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of finance are jointly studying the "need to increase consumption tax on solvent based coatings that are restricted by the catalogue for the guidance of industrial restructuring". Before the introduction of the policy, it is expected to give coating enterprises a year of adjustment time

this is a disguised way to bring the price of water paint and paint closer, benefiting from water paint. This is a policy to support water-based paint in disguised form. At the same time, it also means that it is difficult for the paint that is already low profit to survive without taking the water-based route, environmental protection paint and high-end paint route

it is understood that the increase of consumption tax on solvent based coatings restricted by the catalogue of industrial structure adjustment guidance is the starting point of water-based paint that has been waiting for many years by the enterprises committed to the research and development of water-based paint, such as garberry, zhanchen, Yubei, etc. - which is conducive to the policy support of water-based paint. Of course, it depends on the scope of the specific policy when it comes to which solvent based coatings will be subject to consumption tax increase, which paint factories will be most affected, and which paint factories will not be affected in a short time

the paint consumption tax may trigger a major reshuffle in the paint industry

but Sun Lianying of the China Paint Industry Association expressed concern about this. If "the industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue is to be implemented to limit the consumption tax on solvent based coatings in the process of continuous loading and unloading experimental force of the experimental machine", the relatively high average profit of 5%-10% of the whole industry will be difficult to guarantee, and the sustainable development of the industry will encounter great obstacles. However, one thing is certain, that is, the state is intervening in the coating industry through some government regulation means to lead the coating industry to environmental protection

It seems that Qumei furniture in Beijing has changed all paint coating lines into water paint coated aluminum ingots, and the comprehensive exchange power consumption has decreased by 144 kwh/ton year-on-year. It is prescient to take the lead in changing oil to water. The project of zhanchen 70000 tons of water-based paint and the plan of Jiabaoli Baicheng free training of water-based paint are also predictive of Tujiang water heating

the coating enterprises of garberry, China Resources, zhanchen, bards, Hualong, Huilong and Yubei who participated in the Beijing door exhibition, Dongguan famous furniture exhibition and Guangzhou Furniture Exhibition predicted the pulse of the policy very accurately. Coincidentally, the products launched are all environmentally friendly coatings, or water-based, or water-based UV. Even the paint is a paint product with clean taste and relatively high added value of UV

if the law on increasing the consumption tax on paint is really introduced within the year, the reshuffle of the paint industry will set off another reshuffle peak after Nippon's acquisition of xiupo and oulong paint, because many paint factories will depreciate if they don't get rid of it

the consumption tax on paint can be described as killing two birds with one stone

paint and water paint will achieve the mutual benefit, the advantages of paint will be diluted, and the disadvantages of water paint will be weakened. This reshuffle is indirectly supporting water-based paint products by increasing the use cost of paint. As a result, backward production capacity has been eliminated, overcapacity has been alleviated, and Hengda will become the mainstream. This kind of reshuffle is good for the paint industry, and it is healthier to wash

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