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The price rise of paint enterprises dealers and users are "against the water"

the price rise of paint enterprises dealers and users are "against the water"

March 20, 2017

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the price rise phenomenon that occurred last year is now out of control. In recent days, the group has been complaining about the price rise of paint, and BOE Chen Yanshun and TCL Group Li Dongsheng have also said that the circle of friends has also been exposed by this matter. The price rise of coating enterprises is nothing more than being forced by cost pressure and survival pressure, but the downstream dealers and users are "against the water". Some dealers go their own way and still take the goods at the original price for settlement. More agents threaten that if you raise the price, I will act as an agent for others' products. Anyway, there is no shortage of products in the market

some dealers don't buy it

coating enterprises raise product prices in response to rising costs. The price of paint has increased, and as an agent dealer, life is even harder. Insiders pointed out that under the good market environment, price hikes are not a problem; But in the market downturn, this is undoubtedly worse. In order to maintain their customers and improve their sales, some dealers are choosing to cooperate with enterprises with higher cost performance. When the price of the products supplied by the manufacturers increased before, some big dealers did not hesitate to turn around and act as agents for the products of other enterprises. Therefore, although some coating enterprises have issued price adjustment notices, in order to maintain the relationship with dealers, they are afraid to offend big dealers, and secretly supply according to the original price. Big stores bully customers and big customers bully stores. Therefore, there are about 170 discourse rights between big coating enterprises and big agents in the country, while small coating enterprises and small agents can only be slaughtered

a paint dealer expressed his views on whether there will be a large-scale price adjustment in the market in the future. "At present, the price rise in the industry calls for its adoption of flange fixation on injection molds, but few dealers have really raised the price. People are more on the sidelines of the price fluctuation of raw materials market and the paint market. The demand of consumers is variable and the cost of paint cannot be changed, so dealers have become the sandwich layer of the whole industrial chain. They should not only share weal and woe with upstream enterprises, but also try their best to bear the cost catastrophe Protect their own market and customers, so dealers can only reduce profits and game with each other on price

downstream users of coatings also don't buy it.

in recent years, China's real economy has not developed well, and all walks of life have suffered. Such as household appliances, automobiles, ships and other industries, their consumption capacity is not strong, and their profits are not high. In this state of low profit, the price of raw materials is still rising, which undoubtedly aggravates the difficulty of survival of these downstream users. As a result, some users will be dissatisfied with this and will not buy the accounts of coating enterprises. It is understood that downstream users of coatings have poor viscosity of coatings, they pay more attention to the cost performance of products, and pay less attention to the brand. Therefore, as soon as the paint enterprises increase their prices, they will turn to cooperate with other paint enterprises that have not increased their prices, and even buy the products of competitors. This is also why coating enterprises have endured raw materials for a year before they began to moderate price increases. At present, coating enterprises that dare to raise prices also take great risks

in any case, under the background of prevailing price increases, paint dealers and production enterprises are on the edge of pain. If the market is flat, just relying on a few leading enterprises to raise prices cannot change the market pattern. Paint enterprises must go through a fierce market battle, the survival of the fittest, so that the surviving enterprises will have a better tomorrow

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