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Paint enterprises began to blur the concept of water-based paint

paint enterprises began to blur the concept of water-based paint

November 2, 2016

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recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the notice of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of Finance on printing and distributing the action plan for volatile organic compounds reduction in key industries, announcing that they would implement the made in China 2025 and the action plan for air pollution prevention and control, Accelerate the implementation of the guidelines for the implementation of green manufacturing projects, promote the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in key industries, improve the green development level of industry, improve the quality of atmospheric environment, and improve the green level of manufacturing industry. The Ministry of industry and information technology organized the preparation of the action plan for the reduction of volatile organic compounds in key industries. According to the main goal of the plan, the proportion of low (no) VOC coating products should reach 60% by 2018

on the other hand, as far as the coating industry itself is concerned, the attitude of the industry and market towards water-based coatings has also changed substantially. Previously, although the industry had a high voice for water-based coatings, most of them just stayed at the publicity level, that is, responding to the call of "oil to water" just to stay behind in the pursuit of industry trends. Therefore, although there has been heated discussion, the limitations of water-based paint technology and construction make many enterprises dare not put water-based paint into daily production, and finally return to the reality of main oil-based paint. After all, enterprises need to make money to survive. However, with the passage of time, this situation is gradually being overturned

paint enterprises began to blur the concept of water-based paint

domestic paint enterprises, including Jiabaoli, China Resources, sankeshu, Huilong, Hongchang, Ketian, Chenyang and other brands, have launched water-based paint in recent years, and made technological breakthroughs in product development. The hardness, fullness and gloss of water-based paint have changed qualitatively. In terms of the market application of water-based paint consumption experience, various construction technologies and solutions for water-based paint construction are also being popularized to dealers and oil workers. The environmental protection and health concept of water-based paint has also formed a consensus among consumers on the response speed of consumption and control. As a result, the promotion of water-based coatings in the country has been fully launched

secondly, the industry is gradually weakening the concept of "oily 300mm paint". At the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo just in the past, art paint was the absolute protagonist of the paint area of the Expo. As a subdivision of the coating category, it is positioned as a high-end art wall material. Due to the intentional or unintentional de painting behavior of the industry, when people talk about art paint, they will ignore whether it is a paint product or a water-based paint product, and only pay attention to its artistic and diversity characteristics, as well as how it can meet the personalized needs of consumers. Similarly, new wall materials such as mineral paint are also oriented to consumers with the image of high-end products in the field of coating segmentation. With the extension of the subdivision of the coating industry, people will only pay attention to the subdivision field of coating products and ignore the attributes of products

in addition, when coating enterprises release new products, if they are water-based paint products, they will hype and emphasize their properties of water-based paint; If it is an oily paint product, it will only emphasize the function and environmental protection characteristics of the new product, try to approach the image of a healthy and harmless product, try to blur the concept of oily paint of the product, and even avoid the words like paint in the text and publicity, and weaken the oily paint label of the product as much as possible

what are the disadvantages of water-based paint?

1. Water based paint has high requirements for the cleanness of the construction process and the surface of the material. Because of the large surface tension of water, dirt is easy to cause shrinkage of the film

2. The water-based coating has poor dispersion stability against strong mechanical forces. When the flow rate in the transmission pipeline changes sharply, the dispersed particles are compressed into solid particles, causing pitting on the film. It is required that the shape of the transmission pipeline is good and the pipe wall is free of defects

3. The water-based coating is highly corrosive to the coating equipment, so it is necessary to use anti-corrosion lining or stainless steel materials, and the equipment cost is high. Stainless steel pipes are also required for the corrosion of water-based coatings on transmission pipelines, the dissolution of metals, the precipitation of dispersed particles, and the pitting of the coating film

4. Baking water-based coatings have strict requirements on construction environmental conditions (temperature and humidity), which increases the investment of temperature and humidity control equipment and energy consumption

5. The evaporation latent heat of water is large, and the baking energy consumption is large. Cathodic electrophoretic coating should be baked at 180 ℃ in recent years; The latex coating completely dries out for a long time

6. Organic cosolvent with high boiling point will produce a lot of oil smoke during baking, which will drip on the surface of the film after condensation, affecting the appearance

7. The water-based coating has the problem of poor water resistance, which makes the stability of the coating and tank liquid poor, and the water resistance of the film poor. The medium of water-based coating has completed all the research contents. Generally, it is slightly alkaline (ph7.5~ph8.5). The ester bond in the resin is easy to hydrolyze and degrade the molecular chain, which affects the stability of the coating and tank solution, as well as the performance of the coating film

how to distinguish the authenticity of water-based paint

1. The real two-component water-based paint, whether it is the main agent or curing agent, basically cannot smell the smell or only has a very slight smell after opening the can

2. The real two-component water-based paint is diluted with clean tap water. If it needs special diluent or alcohol to dilute, it must not be

3. The two-component water-based paint is also a non hazardous chemical, while the fake two-component is often a flammable hazardous material

4. Look at the environmental protection index: whether it contains toxic substances such as benzene, heavy metals and high content of VOC

three differences between water-based paint and paint

difference 1: concept

water-based paint is a paint with water as diluent, does not contain organic solvents, does not contain harmful substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, free TDI and heavy metals, is non-toxic, non irritating odor, does not pollute the environment, and is harmless to human body

oily paint, with organic solvent as diluent, contains harmful substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, free TDI, etc

is a kind of chemical mixed paint that can firmly cover the surface of May Day, which can not only protect but also decorate

difference 2: essence

the diluent of water-based paint is water, and water and oil-based paint are incompatible. If water and oil-based paint are mixed together, delamination will occur; The diluent of oil paint is organic solvent, so there is no delamination when the oil paint is mixed with organic solvent as diluent

difference 3: characteristics

water based paint, crystal clear, very flexible, with the advantages of wear resistance, yellowing resistance, water resistance, fast drying, simple construction, etc; Suitable for wood, plastic, metal, glass and other materials

oily paint is a viscous pigment, which is easy to burn without drying. It is insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as benzene, alcohol, aldehyde and ether, and soluble in kerosene, diesel oil, gasoline, etc

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