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Paint brush manufacturers know how to beat made in China

paint brush manufacturers know how to beat made in China

June 20, 2013

[China paint information] a few days ago, I visited iserer Kirschner's brush factory in New York, but I was surprised that it was still running. The 69 year old man was energetic. He talked about his old equipment (he said that a machine for cleaning bristles "may be 100 years old") and how his business was increasingly eroded by Chinese manufacturers

for a long time, Chinese manufacturers have caused great damage to the textile, clothing, toy and electronic industries in the United States. However, the blow to the brush industry came slowly. There are too many kinds of brushes and a wide range of uses. Many Chinese manufacturers think it is too troublesome to do this. For decades, China has lagged behind in the main types of brushes (toothbrushes, brooms, mops, and, of course, paint brushes), only controlling the lowest part of the industry - pulling bristles from pigs. "This job is dirty and smelly," said David Parr, executive director of the American brush industry association. "No one wants to go to West Texas to catch a wild boar and figure out how to pluck it."

the collapse of the real estate market in 2007 and the subsequent recession helped China's brush exports. Due to the reduction of construction projects, 3. The number of paint brushes (or brooms, toothbrushes) required to measure the elongation after fracture (a) is reduced. Those who do need also choose cheap imports

for the American manufacturing industry, this is a familiar scene composed of many accessories. Strangely, there are still more than 200 brush, broom and mop manufacturers. It may take quite a long time for these to be completely degraded. Enterprises use two strategies to cope with Chinese competition: first, they are changing at any time; 2、 It doesn't change at all. Kirschner hasn't changed. He said that unlike toys and T-shirts, a large part of the brush industry is for professionals. This group is not only concerned about price, they are more concerned about quality

at the other end of the industry is lance Cheney, who has always adhered to innovation and can produce beaver brushes that only polish chocolate and heat-resistant brushes that can clean hot oil pots. Kirschner's business in June was very good. His customers either liked government departments that "made in America" or would put forward requirements that Chinese products could not meet

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