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Paint affects sound quality -- pursue the Lingguang of piano makers 300 years ago

in order to reproduce the sound effect of Si's piano and Gua's piano, future generations carefully imitated the piano type and size of the masters, made great efforts in material selection and production technology, and even used advanced scientific and technological means to conduct a comprehensive analysis of Italian ancient zither from various aspects such as sound, materials, technology, paint ingredients, etc., and applied it to violin manufacturing. However, its timbre is always slightly inferior

it is said that Stradivari can make the piano make a unique sound with a mysterious paint. Some people claim that it is impossible to simply imitate and copy the Italian Guqin. These harps are not only musical instruments, but also full of spiritual beings that can show the N-t and J-T curves. They are a subtle combination of spirit and material. Modern technology can make a precision machine, but it cannot create a soul

leohad admitted that paint can indeed affect the sound quality of the piano, and the mysterious paint formula of the zither has indeed been lost. With the help of modern technology, future generations can learn more about the paint formula of the zither, but the effect of this paint on the quality of the violin should not be exaggerated. In fact, there is no secret recipe for violin making, and it is still possible for contemporary violin makers to make excellent violins

an excellent piano maker must first have extraordinary memory, and try to remember all the experiences and feelings he has seen, heard and touched, including the characteristics of each violin, the lessons of each production and repair, and even the different characteristics of each piece of wood. These illusory and fleeting experiences and feelings are difficult to transform into data, graphics and tables, and can not be recorded by modern instruments. The zither maker should constantly sort out, analyze and understand the memories of years and years, so as to improve his zither making skills. It is extremely difficult to master this kind of memory. Many modern zither makers would rather believe in measuring instruments than their own feelings

an excellent zither maker must also be skilled in using traditional tools. In the key parts of the violin, every knife and chisel tests the skill and skill of the violin maker. Generally, apprentices need about ten years to master traditional tools, while the improvement of skills is endless. It is in the use of tools that the senior piano makers show their profound skills and superb skills to ensure the normal operation of the frequency converter

the key to a good piano is wood. Wood suitable for making piano has a unique "response" characteristic, which cannot be described by scientific parameters. Excellent zither makers have a "feeling" for good wood, and can determine the quality of a piece of wood through touch, hearing, vision and even intuition. The story of "Jiao Weiqin" in Chinese history is also an example of hearing the sound and knowing the good wood to get a good Qin. Wood is indeed the foundation of a good piano, and having the insight to choose good wood is the ability of a zither maker

many modern piano makers give up the training of basic skills and turn to modern instruments and a lot of data, which is not very helpful to the improvement of piano making skills. Many piano makers also have a disadvantage. They think that the new piano needs years of playing to make a good sound. In order to sell well as soon as possible, they made the body of the new piano very thin, making the sound of the new piano sound very good, but the intensity is not enough, and it is easy to break. The material of Italy's top ancient Qin is very thick. This kind of piano is durable, which can distinguish the quality of data under dynamic load. With the use of performers, the problems that should be paid attention to when installing the wood resonance hydraulic universal testing machine are getting better and better, and the sound quality is getting higher and higher. Modern piano makers are not without technology or good materials, but lack the correct idea of piano making and patience to wait

the Italian piano master 300 years ago made it at sunrise and rested at sunset, integrating with nature. They walked into the woods and knew which wood could make a violin only by hearing and feeling. They remember the characteristics of each piece of wood, the feeling of each knife, the radian of each panel, the characteristics of each paint, the size of each mold, and the sound characteristics of each violin. They strive for perfection and pursue the highest quality

leohad believes that modern technology should face the future, while piano making technology should face the past. Violins made by modern people may reach the level of ancient masters, but this requires the talent and efforts of the violinists themselves, as well as time to prove it

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