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Paint dealers, pay attention to marketing details

paint dealers, pay attention to marketing details

May 18, 2015

[China paint information] for a paint dealer, it is very important to practice good marketing skills. However, it is not only marketing skills, but also store design and personal image that should be paid attention to, so as to contribute to the development of paint brands

the word "store management" is believed to be familiar to everyone. Many people should have read relevant books compiled by experts and scholars. In fact, most terminal stores do not need expert advice at all. Just do a few simple things and pay attention to a few details, and the store management of paint dealers can get twice the result with half the effort

pay attention to store design and improve brand image

what is the relationship between store design and store management? This is the first reaction of most people. General clerks have little connection with store design, because most of them work in the store after they have a store. But the safety belt is one of the indispensable parts in the car. Paint dealers must pay attention to the store design. Otherwise, when designing the store, the paint dealers and designers can't communicate well. If they can't express their ideas, the designed store may have some habits that are not suitable for the local people, so there will be a lot of inconvenience in the later stage of store management

therefore, paint dealers must integrate the idea of store management into the store design to avoid troubles caused by unreasonable store layout in the later stage, which will hinder the development of store management

pay attention to health and create a good trading environment

health is very important, no one knows, but few people pay attention to it. Many people only take the sanitation of terminal stores as a form. When they go to work every morning, the first thing for clerks is to do sanitation. However, there are still many sanitary dead ends, and the surface of the paint barrel is still a layer of ash. Especially when customers are looking at bricks, they should pat their palms after touching them, because there is too much ash

especially in roadside stores, cars come and go, and the store is covered with a thick layer of ash. Exaggerated places, the paint is dusty. Every time the customer looks at the paint, the clerk takes a rag in his hand and explains to the customer while wiping it, "you see, our barrel packaging is actually very bright..."

service is sometimes the best publicity

the image of the clerk is the most beautiful cultural scenery in the store. The words and deeds of the clerk are related to whether the customer chooses to stay and understand or choose to leave. Speaking of shop assistants, etiquette is indispensable. Someone said, "no etiquette is popular in small places. Just say hello casually. It's too formal. People thought you were crazy." This is a great mistake. It is precisely because of the concept of tensile strength testing that no one has done so, which is the easiest place to break through. At present, the materials on the market are all such materials;. If you can't let customers remember your brand, let customers remember your service

and now customers are paying more and more attention to service. No matter how small the place is, it is also slowly developing, and the service will certainly catch up. If you can go ahead of your peers, you can be closer to success than others

if a customer comes to a store and doesn't even drink water and make a stool, how can he remember you and help you promote it? Doing business is making friends. We just need to change roles and think about problems, and we can get different results

details determine success or failure. Paint dealers must pay attention to details. At present, pendulum tensile testing machines are rarely used in the market The main reason is that the accuracy can not meet the current standard requirements. Only by starting from the festival and doing everything well can we succeed

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