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The competition of coating brand enterprises highlights the strength. Several major competitive trends in 2010

the brand pull competition in 2009 started a battle: people have been discouraged by the past pull mode of "Chinese famous brands, Chinese well-known trademarks, and national inspection exemption". We have to adjust the speed valve appropriately according to the loading speed. It is admitted that Nippon and Dulux are still in the leading position in terms of brand pull, and about 200 million advertisements are put in every year. However, it is not difficult to find that the pull is doing very well, but it has turned dealers into real porters. The excessive flattening of one area and many points, and the price war has led dealers to lower and lower profits, As a result, many dealers regard him as a "signboard"

however, some domestic developing brands are not willing to lag behind in 2009, which can be called the year of celebrity endorsement. After the previous artists invited Jiang Wenli and Taiwan singer Zhuo Yiting to sign the endorsement of the company's baiyinghua nano paint. A company has continuously hired Chen Jianbin, Zhang Tielin and Pu Cunxin to represent its four brands, shocking the paint industry. Olympic girl Lin Miaoke represents Fuxiang paint, famous singer Yin Xiangjie represents desert oasis paint, child star alpha represents Apple paint, and film and television star Zhou Haimei represents atrium paint. A company spared no expense to sign up with actress Li Bingbing to build a "Mercedes Benz" in the paint industry. In these aspects, it is enough to see the price that coating enterprises pay in brand pull. We want to narrow the relationship with consumers through familiar stars, and we also want to stimulate the development and promotion of networks through stars. But I kindly remind you that for a developing brand to ideally launch brand pull advertising, there is a saying in western countries that I appreciate very much, "when your body goes too fast, you must stop and let your soul keep up". I think if your soul goes too fast, should you consider where the body is? To do the pull, we should do it thoroughly, including the advertising pull, the store image positioning system pull, and the product concept pull. Some brands have advertising pull, but they do a poor job in the store image positioning system. Consumers see advertisements and then go to the store, which is counterproductive. Looking at the impact of the product concept, the pull force has no characteristics and attraction, and it just follows others. Therefore, the situation of not moving and not moving sometimes occurs in every corner of the coating market in the north and south of China. After all, advertisements are like matchmakers. Whether a daughter-in-law is beautiful and capable depends on herself. Ordinary people understand this truth

when using the experimental machine, 1 the operator must use it according to the process specification of the manual. Prediction: the brand competition trend of China's coating industry in 2010

followed by the preliminary understanding of the problems and importance of fine management in the brand relying on the push: the domestic coating brands that have developed rapidly basically rely on the push, such as huarunqi, Jiabaoli, sankeshu and other brands, all rely on the terminal member channels, community promotion After sales service to promote the progress of brands, brands that rely on thrust appear helpless in developed cities. For example, in Shanghai, Guangdong and other places, the sales situation of thrust brands is very worrying, but in developing cities, thrust brands have a strong space for creation. Let's take a closer look at the developed brands. Basically, in addition to pulling force, we have to rely on pushing force. Many other brands, whether large international companies or domestic old enterprises, do not have appropriate elongation in these two aspects; There have been breakthroughs for many years, and there is basically no improvement. And thrust is not something anyone can do if he wants to do it. For example, people who have been in contact with the thrust industry can do one, two or three. However, there are less than 5% of the people who really have successful cases of operation, including Ge Longjiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Luozhuang district Party committee and head of the organization department. Attention should be paid to the fact that we cannot recognize the fine management, which is blind following, blind positioning, and extensive operation by feeling. Through the competition in 2009, we found that brands that rely on thrust need refined terminal channel management. Slapping the forehead is unreliable. As long as we talk about the word "push", we will think that we need people to push first. Where to push? How to push? To whom (oiler or owner)? In the past, you can think of these, but now we realize that thinking of these is not enough. Each link needs unified operation with standards, processes, steps, quantification and replication to get rid of the situation of a lot of business and little performance. Slowly, I lost patience with employing people. I felt that the first thing was that it was easy to recruit people, but it was difficult to recruit talents. Little do we know that talents come from the fine management of training, demonstration, promotion, supervision and reward and punishment. The idea of using people without doubt and not using them is gone forever. However, it is a good thing to recognize the necessity of refined management

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